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  1. I saw your work in the CC one of the best I ever seen Great freaking job!!! Any chance of doing a Bam Bam Gordy??
  2. I found him by searching for Terry Atkins. Type "Atkins" and set it to most recent. I tend to find that going by "most recent" brings up less random stuff. You cna then select "Content by the creator" and Hiro should pop up. Hiro has the tags "AES", "Strongstyle" and "Japan" Hope this helps. Found it thxs!!!
  3. Great lineup!! Hiro in my NJPW universe is gonna be fireis he up on CC??
  4. When is Supreme,Honda & Namura going up
  5. Great start to your universe!! I could see the Butcher having major heat
  6. Welcome back sir!!! I was wondering when Mr Finesse would be back
  7. Are the Hangmen going up soon??
  8. Ced & Fen are my universe tag champs can't wait to dl them Great job as always!!
  9. Megapowers1120

    UWA 2K17

    What are your tags btw
  10. Megapowers1120

    UWA 2K17

    Great roster of superstars!! I need the Fallen Angels in my universe
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