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  1. Check out this topic man http://caws.ws/forum/topic/463967-current-roster-game-save/ yea ive posted in that thread before, ive been waiting to play the game til the save came out but I figured maybe he wasnt going to release it but i just saw hes still doing other caws so he's probably busy and will release it later i found an updated balor but it seems no one wanted to do hideo lol
  2. any chance of updated Finn w/ new paint & new Hideo? literally the only two I'm missing for a perfect "updated" save
  3. yea i hope you include takeover revolution attires
  4. really excited for this
  5. i desperately need this in my life
  6. All the empty boxes are bothering me.
  7. Rather presumptuous of you, but... Yes, I fully understand the changes the player has made to the HUD. It's turned off. That wasn't what made me think 'oh, this game is now the same as last gen!', it's everything. Commentary, moves, reversals, appearance (generally). It's amazingly similar. I was mainly talking about the people blind hating, not the people actually giving well thought out posts and reasons like you. Yea stuff like that is bothering me too, I havent even preordered yet because Im not sure of how much replay value this game will have for me. Plus I wanna see the new gameplay mecahnics like stamina and chain grappling in action. At the same time idk if I can deal with 2k14's reversal fest much longer.
  8. people really dont understand that the gameplay this guy is posting has stamina and chain grappling turned off obviously the gameply looks the same as last gen cuz he turned those off
  9. im glad you took time out of your day to inform us of this thank you sir
  10. 25 CAWs on PS4/One. The Rock wasn't scanned. Ability to edit every Superstar/Diva. A tool better than paint tool for PS4/One Adam Rose and Bunny DLC oh ok nice sucks about the 25 caws but i personally only use a few of the ones i download so im not that affected sucks for all the caw makers tho
  11. so does the shield have superstar heads? and hows superstar threads looking?
  12. hey now im white and i love hip hop,i welcome this way more then any rock ^^^ thank god someone isnt being a baby about it
  13. the two songs with him and khalifa are just ok,cena's flow is really slow and wiz hasnt put out anything good for a few years, theyre ok for soundtrack songs i guess we dem boyz is a cool party track so it gets a pass too surprised he didnt get wale on a song, wale is a huge wrestling smark
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