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  1. That's soul crushing, bro. Wouldn't have been so bad is PS+ made a save, but sometimes it "forgets", and you're pretty much boned if you never remember to back up a save manually (which 95% of people do, I being one of them). PS4's HDDs are garbage to begin with. Sony opted to go with a really low grade HDD for the sake of keeping the cost of the console down. They could have used a higher grade HDD, but then PS4 would've been $700 out of the gate instead of $500. That extra $200 does make a difference. (This is my knowledge as a former Gamestop store manager speaking.) Hopefully you can bounce back from this.
  2. I'm gonna side with Rekka and Karl on this one. Your knowledge and wisdom in the art of move-set building would greatly be appreciated. I've picked your brain plenty, but having a centralize place where you pass on that insight would be great for the folk who've never deep dived into it.
  3. I was going to ask the same question. Awesome update BTW. They're all boss, but Seth has to be my fave of this bunch. He looks like he's finally reached his final form as a heel this year.
  4. You need to put out more matches, bro. Maybe focus less on sharing on CC and more on putting out video content. I know it's time consuming, but you've got way to interesting a cast of characters not to be doing kick ass stuff on Youtube. That's just my opinion though. Still waiting patiently for the next update.
  5. It's 2018 and people are still trying to steal your shit, bro? Man, Nando is 100% right in some things never changing. Oh yea, I'm back. :-D I'll be spamming downloads to get you to silver so you can get more shit up.
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