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  1. I would paypal someone to make a good Kernodle for wwe2k16. (I have PS4). Any takers?
  2. Does anyone have a Don Kernodle that they can upload? I tried creating one but it was really, really bad. The best pic of Don that I could find is here: http://www.nwalegends.com/autographed8x10s/autodonkernodle200x250.jpg I saw a YouTube video where the presenter went into detail how to make the face logo imports work. He said the best way to do it is go for an image of the face that is 512x512 pixels. That pic above is way below that. I was looking to see if anyone had one created of Don, or if they can help give some direction.
  3. I am getting the freezing console message when I click in the community creations section. I have an Xbox 360. I am trying to download Wahoo (the other CAW of Wahoo I have seems too big for his body type) I type his name and see a the results...then I click on one icon picture that it looks and then it freezes. Is there a way to download it from the page that shows all the thumbnails, or do you have to go to the next page? (I am not even sure if that will solve the freezing issue) Has anyone tried contacting their support via Twitter?
  4. Can any of the great CAW creators in this community make a Jerry Blackwell if you have a chance?
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