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  1. I'm having trouble with something and i keep running in to walls with this problem, i've tried contacting brienj and Pur3 RAF3X but i can't get into contact with them i have a WWE 13 Monday Night Wars game save but it's for XBox 360 and i need it for PS3 so i need to convert it so if anyone is willing to convert it for me or find someone who has a gamesave with monday night wars superstars on it already for PS3 i am willing to pay it's very important i can get this done please help me if you could i would really appreciate it. Side note i tried the Xbox 360 gamesave on an XBox however it didn't work for me i believe i need the DLC for the game so i am also willing to buy an XBox 360 with the WWE 13 DLC thank you all
  2. Are Crash and Spike still happening bud and just downloaded the Hardyz last night great job on them
  3. Citoo_HCO69

    Crash Holly

    I know Dyno is doing amazing Attutude Era caws this year so Crash Holly may be on his list he already did a good Bob Holly.
  4. Planning an X Pac to go with your New Age Outlaws?
  5. Do you plan on making Brisco and Patterson and Mae Young and Moolah?
  6. Speaking of attires which one do you have planned for Ohno?
  7. That actually really looks good bro why didn't you finish it?
  8. What's the hour difference between UK and Canada? And you did a good job on Bobby bro
  9. I will lol and I'm a get banned for telling the truth? That's sad
  10. If you say so don't matter that with two hits to your jaw you'll be knocked out lol
  11. 3rd generation boxer and you like pulling guys hair lol #Homo #tryit #TKO
  12. And I am hard #Classic #Jerseystrong but if you don't believe me come here I'll be Happy to show you lol
  13. You don't know what a herb is? Where are you from dog?
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