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  1. 1) If I leave someone out of the major title rankings, would they still appear in the Royal Rumble? 2) I usually have major rankings so that any singles star can go for both the major and minor titles along with tag teams just going for tag titles with a few exceptions in tag teams such as Big Cass or Kalisto. Would it be better if I separated major and minor divisions? 3) If I try to fix matches such as too many tag elimination matches or too many falls count anywhere matches and change them to regular matches or add a manager, would the still rankings change? 4) Why doesn't the tag rankings seem to hardly move? Is having too many tag teams like say over six or seven causing the rankings not to move?
  2. sorry not buying it at all game does not freeze up on ps4. only time i've heard of this was on x1 not ps4. Freezing my be the wrong word to use. What I'm saying is that it gets stuck on the loading screen sometimes and never loads.
  3. I've restarted Universe multiple times and have the lastest update. It changes nothing. All I use is custom belts, arenas, and attires to match the brand split. I don't use created superstars as I don't feel like plugging in move-sets and attributes for them. I don't understand how this is not occurring for some and occurring for others. This game is buggy as hell.
  4. I can't get through a month without it freezing in Universe Mode when having superstars with custom attires and custom arenas. It also leads to longer loading times, clipping, messing up cutscenes, etc. So does anyone play Universe Mode basically vanilla?
  5. Do rankings affect cutscenes? Yep. For championship rivlries #5 contender: stare down or attack from champ #1 rival a vs b every week Interesting. What about #2 though #4 spots? Anything cutscenes you get from there?
  6. When you change a match in Universe Mode, the rankings doesn't seem to move at all. I see things the computer has booked and swap it around due to overbooking of match types such as Triple Threat, Fatal-4-Way, Falls Count Anywhere, and Tag Team Elimination matches. The rankings doesn't seem to move. Are people having the same results?
  7. Yeah. I think that most should be signatures, but it would take a signature slot for those that need at least two signature slots. Moves like Owen's Apron Powerbomb or Sasha's Top Rope Double Knee (I set her second rope one to signature), can stay as finishers in my opinion. Moves like Roman's Apron Dropkick or Cesaro's Swing, and suicide dives should be signatures. In the future, I hope we get more signature and finisher slots.
  8. I want to set most of the OMG! moves to regular moves, but what are the possibilities of the COM using these moves if I set them as regular moves? Would it be wise to set them as signatures even though some should be used about once per match?
  9. I'm actually just starting my Universe now in spite of having this game since launch; been disappointed with all the bugs and glitches. Anyway, I'm running the current brand split (no NXT or CAWs) accept one brand gets a PPV every other month and share the big four; similar to the first brand split. So I'm running self made tournaments on Raw for the inaugural Universal Championship as well as Smackdown Tag Team and Women's Championship. My PPV schedule goes as follow (No created arenas): Payback - Smackdown Extreme Rules - Raw Money In the Bank - Smackdown Battleground - Raw Summerslam - Both Night of Champions - Smackdown (I thinking of changing to Elimination Chamber, but the No Man's Land theme is tricky.) Hell in a Cell - Raw Survivor Series - Both TLC - Smackdown Royal Rumble - Both Fastlane - Raw Wrestlemania - Both So for those months where a brand doesn't have a PPV, I make the last week of that show title defenses. Starting off, I made the US Title on Raw in the meantime. I will crown the Universal Champ in April's last week for Raw. For Smackdown, I will crown the Tag and Women's Champions at Payback, while also running three feuds; five matches and the other two will be perhaps fillers. Anyway, it's turning out very nicely. I use this android app called Manager Leverade to make playoff brackets. They also have round robin as well. Check it out!
  10. Yeah, Universe. It's an easy fix to add ally/rival manually after an attack, but they should have had this happen automatically. If I attack someone, they should become that person's rival. If I support someone, I should become that person's ally and the victim's rival. If I attack both, then both should become my rival. That is how it worked with interference in 2K14; as simple as it was.
  11. So apparently, it does not add to the all/rivals list. What is the point? In 2K14, at least when you did an interference, it would add to the ally/rivals list. Is this by design or unfinished?
  12. 1. The bug where your rival sits at ringside is annoying as hell turning it into a handicap match. NO DQ!? 2. I set up a run in for Carmella to attack Nikki Bella during her entrance, but it's Naomi instead while having Carmella's name on the hud. The game recognizes that Carmella ran in. The hell!? 3. During cutscenes, no matter the championship, the game will always show the WWE Championship with the scratch logo. Seriously?! 4. I have a rivalry with Balor and Rusev, but after a match with Strowman versus Woods, I attacked Woods. It then precedes to show changes in personality and all/rivals for Titus and Rusev again (just beforehand, I had a match with Rusev versus Titus). Really?! 5. After the match with Strowman and Woods, Strowman is scheduled to cut a promo. The game crashes to a blue screen?! The is complete trash! It's like I can't enjoy universe because there are way too many bugs happening. I do have custom Raw and Smackdown Live arenas, attires, and belts. Could it be customization causing most of these issues?
  13. Thanks to you for The Usos. It's cool making entrance vids, but I'm wondering, why the hell they didn't include an option for a plain black, white, blue, purple....screen? Oh, and just the text is fine!
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