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    Ultimate warrior
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  1. hey man can u make me a nitro girl ac jazz id much appreciate it i have requested it before online to ppl but im not sure they still get online for the game if u needa pic just google her if u need me to post a pic of her let me kno and i will thanks :-)
  2. m0ded

    nitro girls

    im requesting the nitro girl ac jazz please if neone can help me and make her for me..and post her on cc my tag on there is chrisajmoe ty
  3. m0ded

    Any Request?

    i have a request id like to have Ultimate warrior from this past episode of raw on the 7th very accurate one with ring attire and hof attire with the long black jacket it would really appreciate it and it would be a great tribute to the legend and great superstar :-) thanks btw i have ps3 incase u need to kno
  4. m0ded

    Ultimate warrior

    can someone out there make me an accurate ultimate warrior from the past monday on raw with the long black jacket and with face paint he dont have to have face paint maybe make like 2 of them with it and 2 of them without it id really like to have him i have ask everyone but no one seems to want to it would be a nice tribute the great superstar and legend.. thanks and much appreciated
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