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About Da*Phenomenal*One

  • Birthday September 23

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    Chris Benoit / Paige
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    Rap - Eminem Rock - The Offspring
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    Who cares?
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    Xbox 360, PSP, PS2
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    ROH, WWE
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    Classic Peanut Butter & Jelly
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    PM me.
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    Wrestling, Leanna Decker, Lucy Pinder, Holly Peers.
  1. DOPEY! <3Wazzup. <3 Oldsie bro! Hey <3 <3
  2. Should know I would say a wordy dirty word but it seems this place is PG.
  3. Hey! Some of you might know me from Smacktalks and/or SDH (Da Phenomenal One.) I have watched wrestling since late 2007. I love getting on Penguin's nerves and making CAWS. I spam the games with Orclord and Penguin over on ST! That's about it right now.
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