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    and no.

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    Chris Jericho 2001-2010
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    Black British
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    Monday Night DQ's and Countouts.
  1. Lesnar Bryan Rousey Asuka Miz/Shane Rusev Hideo Itami Mens RR: Seth Rollins First two entrants: Mustafa Ali and Baron Corbin Winner enters at 19 Final Four: Seth Rollins, Drew McIntyre, Andrade and Braun Strowman Most eliminations: Drew McIntyre Longest time: Mustafa Ali Shortest Time Hawkins Women Rumble: Becky First two: Naomi Nattie 20 to win. Charlotte, Bayley, Becky and Nia Nia Jax most eliminations Charlotte for longest time Lacey Evans for shortest.
  2. Riddle,WR,Shayna,Ciampa,Gargano
  3. Devlin Dennis MM Storm Dunne
  4. Drew McIntyre Natalya Carmella and Truth Braun Strowman Dean Ambrose Ronda Rousey Daniel Bryan Buddy Murphy The Bar Asuka
  5. Lesnar Rousey Nakamura SmackDown Women's team win, Elimination Order: Mickie, Natalya, Tamina, Sonya, Carmella, Cross, Naomi, Riott and Nia Jax. Survivor: Asuka. RAW men's team win, Elimination Order: Finn Balor, Bobby Lashley, Jeff Hardy, The Miz, Dolph Ziggler, Rey Mysterio, , Shane McMahon, Samoa Joe, Survivors: Drew McIntyre and Braun Strowman. Buddy Murphy. The Bar Team RAW Tags win. Elimination Order: Colons, Ascension, Sanity, B Team, The Club, Chad and Roode, Lucha House Party, The Usos, The New Day. Survivors: The Revival.
  6. TakeOver: Ricochet, War Raiders and Dunne Ciampa Sane (Shayna, Sane, Sane) Gargano
  7. New Faces - Mac Miller ft Earl Sweatshirt & Da$H
  8. Cien/Zelina The Revival Drew Gulak The Miz Finn Balor Braun Strowman Bludgeon Brothers Dolph Ziggler Ronda Rousey Shinsuke Nakamura Roman Reigns Samoa Joe Carmella
  9. Dream UE Ricochet Sane Ciampa
  10. I have Ibushi/Okada, but after Omega beat Naito on Day 1 that prediction's looking rather shaky atm.
  11. Almas Sanity Alexa Bliss AJ Styles Deleters Bobby Lashley Asuka Team Hell No Dolph Ziggler (3-2) Shinsuke Nakamura Finn Balor Kevin Owens
  12. Bludgeon Brothers Bobby Lashley Daniel Bryan Jinder Mahal Seth Rollins Ronda Rousey Asuka Nakamura Ember Moon The Miz (Xavier Woods)
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