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  1. The Shield will all have their shield attires, hopefully we will have superstar heads. I searched google for the renders since they weren't updated here, and all three of them had their shield attires. This is where I saw them: http://www.thesmackdownhotel.com/wwe2k15/renders/#62-WWE2K15_Render_AdrianNeville
  2. The trailer is already released, why isn't it here yet?
  3. I noticed the 2k14 insted of 2k15, but not the wrong release date as I didn't even see it properly.
  4. career mode is all i ever wanted. i don't really care if they replace the story mode ( wwe 13 attitude era and 30 years of wm)
  5. 8/10, that beanie cap looks awesome on axel
  6. I am kinda surprised that you don't have rob van dam signatures and finishers. EDIT: oops you do I was searching Rob Van Dam instead of RVD
  7. Online Match Hell in a Cell Mark Henry (me) vs The Miz Awesome match he kept doing running attacks on me. I rolled outside of the ring. He kept attacking me. He broke open the cell wall and climbed up. Just as I reached up, he did a running grapple and throwed me down. I climbed a second time. I throwed him at the announcer table. He climbed again. He had a finisher, but I reversed it. I did the World's Strongest Slam through the cell. I pinned him, but he kicked out at 2. I climbed the cell again after a while. I taunted for a while on the cell while he taunted down in the ring. He climbed the cell after a while. I had a finisher icon and tried to do the World's Strongest Slam through the cell, but he put me in a grapple hold. I reversed it and he fell down in the ring through the broken cell. I tried to bear hug him in the ring, but he reversed. He did two finishers. I reversed the second one and he tapped out to the bearhug and I won.
  8. The first time I banged into a car on purpose to see if I can destroy it lol.
  9. Undertaker (me) vs Brock Lesnar in a Hell In A Cell Match I can't tell you how many times I send him through the top of the cell and into the ring.
  10. My latest pay per view was TLC. Results: Tables Matches: Diego def. Sin Cara Chris Jericho (Retro) def. CM Punk Falls Count Anywhere Matches: El Torito def. Brock Lesnar (Retro) One on One Matches: Undertaker (w/ Justin Gabriel) def. Rob Van Dam Dean Ambrose def. Darren Young TLC Matches: Fernado © def. Titus O'Neil for World Heavyweight Championship Road Dogg © def. Big E for WWE Championship
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