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  1. Yeah I was trying to downplay the 2K14 without erasing it from the cover and make it more about 30 years of wrestlemania. Thanks for the feedback though, to each their own, Anyone else got anything?
  2. Just wanted to see if anyone else cameup with some cool cover art, here's what i came up with for 30 years of wrestlemania: http://i1162.photobucket.com/albums/q524/thewayoftheyoung/WWE2K14ThirtyYearsofWrestlemaniaPS3CustomCoverArt.jpg
  3. Just did WWF Raw is War vs. WCW Nitro as if it happened before WCW turned into garbage. WrestleMania ended with: WWF Champ Austin vs. WCW Champ Hogan Rock vs. Goldberg Undertaker vs. Sting (Too bad not happening at XXX) DX vs. nWo McMahon vs. Bischoff
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