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  1. Hi just wondered if you would upload your jax dane and crimson again please?

    Cheers tom

  2. Hi just wondered if anyone has seen this, a petition is going around to keep the 2k19 servers open because of all the problems people are having with 2k20. https://www.change.org/p/2k-keep-wwe-2k19-servers-online-until-wwe-2k21-releases
  3. Just wondered if anyone has seen the petition going round to keep the 2k19 servers open with all the trouble where having with 2k20. https://www.change.org/p/2k-keep-wwe-2k19-servers-online-until-wwe-2k21-releases
  4. Have you seen the petition going round to keep 2k19 servers open because 2k20 is broken . https://www.change.org/p/2k-keep-wwe-2k19-servers-online-until-wwe-2k21-releases
  5. Check out Axell Suyco 2 guys 1 tag available to download now on community creation.
  6. Hi just wondered if anyone is creating 2 guys 1 tag ( josh woods & silas young)
  7. Am glad silas young has finally got a title in roh, & I've been impressed by rhett titus & will ferrara ,there very entertaining.
  8. wish lucha underground had the money what wwe has, it's a fantastic show with so much potential, the storylines are fantastic, hope it never ends.
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