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  1. Gedo must've accidentally sent Cody the invite meant for Tama Tonga... Honest mistake. Also, Daryl joined the L.I.J. https://twitter.com/njpwworld/status/877117210405216256
  2. The G1 participants were announced today, the blocks will be on the 26th of June.
  3. ESO: Morrowind went into early access for PC today, so I took some screenshots.
  4. Very frowned upon, Taichi got suspended for 2 months and a docked pay for cheating on his wife.
  5. CJ Parker was indeed the name of Pamela Anderson's Baywatch character...but whether or not that was a coincidence or intentional...I couldn't begin to tell you. And as for the name "Juice"...his real name is Joe Robinson...and apparently Juice is a common nickname for people named Joe. Which I never understood...but my dad has a friend named Joe "Juice" as well...so it's definitely a common thing. I got the hookups on the origin of the CJ Parker name.
  6. 2017 isn't looking great, first we lost High Energy and now we lost Okada's blonde hair.
  8. Australia is even more lucky, it starts over here roughly the same time it does in Japan.
  9. Didn't understand any of the words, but the remix of Naito's theme at the end was pretty cool.
  10. https://twitter.com/enuhito_eng/status/809764409409052672 R.I.P High Energy.
  11. Adding to this, the anime and novel/prologue can also help with the group.
  12. Indies, Big Dawg Meltz said it's not TNA. https://twitter.com/davemeltzerWON/status/790375717858971648
  13. He was in the last "Being the Elite" episode with Kenny and the Bucks, so I believe he is an Elite member.
  14. Pffh, no love for the eventual Lashley Vs Moose feud?!
  15. I believe there's another interior cell where you can build a settlement once you complete the Automatron DLC, but there is a few mods that add player houses like Home Plate on the Bethesda forums so you can get them when console modding comes around if you don't play on PC. Anyways, I really like your house.
  16. More Australians the merrier. Welcome Amigo.
  17. You do know he most likely asked permission to use the tights right?
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