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  1. Yes it's a shame if I had known at the time I could have finished it! No, I'm making a mask against Naomichi Marufuji.
  2. The problem whether it's me, Ryedee or someone else doesn't change much. I know a lot of people respect me for the caws that I put online before. Many also blame me for being gone and I also blame myself sometimes for not having shared my caws on 2K19. But the biggest problem is those who live in the shadows those who watch and wait for me Ryedee or someone else to put a caw online. There are these people who are just to download the caw and then use software on their backup to recover the textures we have created. Spent hours trying to get some people to use software to steal textures I will never accept and Ryedee and others have figured it out. There is no way to counter it. Maybe on PS5 who it is. Its makes my heart ache for all these people who waited for my caws every day at the time. I am really sorry and I hope that some will understand me in this message. I lost a little the passion to make caws this year especially with all the problems that there is on 2K20 in the caw mode. I know there is a lot of designer missing, I noticed it when I was looking for certain names. I hope a lot will change in the next one and maybe more protection to avoid extracting the textures. I will help you if you need advice. You do a very good job like this!
  3. I deleted everything I did on 2k18 since many of the textures I created were stolen from me. My caws are on my backup. I never put my caws online on 2k19 and I don't know if I would do it on 2K20. There are only 2/3 people who have seen my caws this year. A piece of advice for your Liger: Try to do as I did for the logos on the eyes, it will give it a new face.
  4. Look Black version : Bonus Keiji Mutoh/Great Muta (In Work) : g
  5. Thank you so much. Some people know me to create wrestlers with masks. I always detail my caws. I really like what you do. Your super dragon is really good, I really like
  6. I just put a red logo to close the mask. Why is he wearing my mask? I'm not on the game but I'll put it after. I'm going to test your combination. the last time i tried it didn't work.
  7. This combination does not normally work. I may have been wrong I will try. Here is my Liger
  8. I love your caws! Your Super Dragon is magnificent! Tell me how did you put on the cape with the Liger armor ?!
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