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  1. I have 30 caws this year. I showed only half here. I do not think I would put my caws online this year when I see all the flights there are online so it does not make me want to share my work. I'm sorry for those who follow me for a few years.
  2. Ligerrrr


    I have not been sharing publications for a while now, but Ryee is absolutely right. By what right do some people tell him what to do or tell him to stop charging these caws? For those who do not create caws do you know how long it takes to do something good? Hours. Do you think he will allow this to do all the caws that are asked of him? You can dream. As he says it above all he does it with passion and especially "For Him". Nothing is free in life, some here probably plays in Fornite and it allows to buy skins 20 euros and then say "too expensive your caws at 10 euros ". Rye is not going to waste time with strangers to do them a free job. Ryee has talent his person will not be able to remove him but must stop harassing him continuously like fat noobs while most of you do not even know how to make a basic caw and insult him as if it were the end of the world. I have my reasons like him for not posting my caws even if mine are different. Ryee you have my support no matter what happens. Do what you like and do not change and congratulations also for the caws you posted this year. See you. I thought exactly the same thing as you. and especially those who take it for grown-ups stole the caws of others. They are the best for me.
  3. JUSHIN THUNDER LIGER : HAYABUSA : THE GREAT SASUKE : EL DESPERADO : TIGER MASK IV : BUSHI : PENTAGON JR : REY FENIX : DRAGON LEE : SUICIDE & SUICIDE X : SIN CARA : KALISTO : NON WRESTLER DARTH MAUL : BLACK PANTHER (IN WORK) : Here are the caws that I have almost finished for the moment. Many ask me to put my caws online but I will not do it for the moment. Many have asked me privately to show my caws. I have not shown everything yet I work on other caws that are not finished. I would like to have your opinion on all his and I know that some will blame me for not put them online now but I think because sooner or later you will have them. I would like to see your reaction and please do not ask me if they are online. Thank you LigerBomb25
  4. 2k will not do anything. The problem is already known on 2K18 and they did not do anything.
  5. The problem is that people use a glitch that 2K still has not patched and is present on 2K19 and I discovered that there is a software to extract textures backups! I downloaded the Bushi to really see. And I saw that the quality of the textures were the same as mine and he also stole the textures of Jushin Liger that Ryee had done on 2K18. Now it's too late he took what I created for 2 weeks a few months ago, I took a lot of time to do this caw that I considered the one that I took the most fun to do and a guy like Deejaybeejay uses software to steal my work and other people like Ryee or others! As a precaution I delete all my caws that I posted on 2K18 so for those who would like it is too late I avoid my textures this ride in nature. For proof I will show you a screenshot of my Bushi folder that you just see some of my textures. Now for those who will download the Deejaybeejay Bushi you will see that it is the same textures that I created. He just edited the one he stole from me by changing the colors. I spend hours doing it so that in the end a software can extract the textures of a backup on a computer. Thanks to those who use software and who finds an excuse saying that it is your textures you are the best! Here are some of my caws. I do not need to say their names since they are known. Jushin Liger has a new mask + Hair. I created Hayabusa using something that I found that allowed me to have this result. Here I did not think showed some of my caws and I do not think put them online between those who steal the caws with the glitch and those who have fun extracting the backups for recovered textures is too much for me. Sorry Endo and for all the others also next year I will not buy 2K20 I will stop at this one. In a few days I will have 2 games that I have been waiting for a long time I will not do caws anymore. I do not want to give you false hopes but at least I showed some of what I did. I hope 2K will do something about this game because I'm giving up this time. LigerBomb25
  6. Deejaybeejay I do not know if he is here he posted some caws but I downloaded his Bushi because he looked suspicious and I see what Mr stole my textures I created on 2K18 he probably made catches of screens seen the quality of the logos then to modify the colors. And worst of all I try to send him a message on the PS4 he blocked me so I did not talk to him for not that I tell him it's a thief. I am ashamed when I see this community how it has changed. I do not think I will show my caws from now on. People have no talent, he has fun stealing the textures of others by making screenshots. Except that I created his textures and I could always prove it. If someone has the opportunity to download his Bushi and compared to the one I made on 2K18 you will see that I have not lied. He used all the logos that I created shame! I hope he did not create a topic here because I will insult him. Between those who stole caws on the community and those who take screenshots to steal the textures you should be ashamed. I have nothing more to say. You can download his Bushi and compared to the one I made on 2K18 you will see that all my textures that I created and that I can prove it as always. I thought that three caws I finished 100% I think I will stay the definitively. When I see that some have followed me to download my work and then take screenshots you disgust me. Thank you in any case you have made your move paid to the rest of the community. Liger I forgot one last thing. Deejaybeejay also stole Ryeee's textures for the Jushin Liger he created. (Ryeee if you go through it you should check it by downloading it are your textures). Sorry for the others!
  7. The problem is that I'm always limited to doing masked wrestlers on this game. 2K prefers to put on ridiculous horse masks instead of putting on real models of masks. I do not know why many people like my Ultimo Dragon I think I was too limited to do it.
  8. Fried will not come back here. I speak with him often and it is not for me to say why he left. You can always follow his work on Twitter. Pentagon Jr & Fenix are also in my projects but as long as 2K does not solve the problem of flights I will not put anything online. I know that some here are waiting for my return to show my work but if I do it we will ask me to put my caws online. If you think my caws were good last year you have not seen anything yet! I'm thinking about whether I'll show my caws that are 100% finished in a few hours.
  9. I'm still there. I'm waiting for 2K to do something but they're not doing anything right now. I created caws but I did not show them. I do not even know if 2K is aware of the flights, they have not done anything since 2K18.
  10. Ligerrrr


    You're starting strong this year.
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