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    CM Punk
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    Anything by Lupe Fiasco, Kendrick Lamar, or SaveMoney Chicago. I also like Trinidad James...
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    Wondering why this form is so extensive
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  1. vintk08


    I see what you did there!
  2. Damn man. Apparently I'm missing some sort of downloadable content and it won't let me download him even though I have a season pass and all the creator packs...
  3. Could you reupload him for me? It may be my connection but I can't find him online with either the keywords or the name of the character. "RDA" has a bunch of Michael Jordan guys and "NXT" has a bunch of real NXT characters. "Scorpion": has a bunch of copies of Scorpion from Mortal Kombat.
  4. Hey y'all. I've been talking to Draco and he's been a little busy with N.O.W. I know this because I'm involved myself. He also recorded the episode when he was supposed to and when he finished it the audio was messed up so now he has to re-record commentary and I guess he hasn't been able to find time to do that. I did however make a little story with some of the CC's in the universe. I uploaded it with the tag 4DRACO. I didn't include Scorpion or Marcus though since I didn't have Marcus at the time and I Couldn't find Scorpion.
  5. By the way I like you're version of the Piledriver. It looks like a tombstone but harder since his arm is pushing them down, from what I can remember.
  6. When I downloaded his Markus I selected one and chose "Content from this creator" Then I downloaded the one that showed Markus and his finishers. (Ver1 and 2)
  7. We often see our favorite wrestlers as larger than life Icons. Icons who are always ready to take, or dish out, a beating at a moments notice. What the WWE has failed to capture for years (Or tried to hide) is that these performers are real people. Well NXT has endeavored to break this, and has taken a photographer backstage to capture the essence of NXT's core! Here we see that in spite of their differences, and a rivalry over the IC title... Rikimaru and Big Dog are more than willing to share a few beers and a game of cards with Shane Cavano, the Irish Curse. Here we see Big Dog hanging his head after another terrible hand, he's been having a bad night at the table. Here we see the space man Nebula has taken time off of his rigorous nap schedule to wave hi to our camera men. Like most WWE superstars, he loves wearing shirts with his own name/designs on them. And lastly. Our crews caught Marko Silva showing John Cena the latest in "Anti-Cena" internet articles, videos, and general discussions. John tries to avoid these countless postings (As well as the boo-ing at his shows) but as we see here it's not always as easy to avoid the whole world hating you as it may seem. Silva takes pleasure in seeing Cena's sort of sad expression, but ultimately Cena is too rich to care.
  8. Well I wouldn't give up on it yet. Last time he skipped a week his wife was pregnant
  9. I'd say the league pace is at 90-92 overall. There's like... 2 or 3 dudes who are higher but you should fare well in that area. My guys are at 89 and 90. There's a dude at about 85 and he's intercontinental champion
  10. Yeah but I literally made him after the rapper Afroman. He has a huge afro and me and my siblings call him Markus and Afroman interchangeably. So it's no problem.
  11. Hey you ain't got to change your dude's name. I'll just have Draco change my CaW's name to Afroman.
  12. It's based on the amount of damage the head takes, but I believe the blood starts flowing once a move which impacts the front of the head is performed. Ahh I see. Thanks I was just curious. I don't think that mechanic was explained anywhere in game really.
  13. vintk08


    There's probably a really simple explanation for this, but what's up with the random black squares on the back of his pants?
  14. I was using my boxer CaW once and I was having a fatal four way elimination with John Cena, Rock, and CM Punk. By the end of the long match we all had some blood on our faces, but John Cena had a ton running down his face. I think having a CaW whose moveset consists entirely of punches (Mostly to the face) helped make the match as bloody as it was. That, and the foreign objects. Does anybody know how blood works in this game anyways? Like how does it show up? A certain amount of damage to the head or are there special moves that have a set probability of making it happen?
  15. So I have been playing WWE2k14 since around when this game first came out. When they announced they got rid of the stupid "Alter matches and lose your random rivalries" rule for universe mode. However, after playing through several rivalries after this long amount of time they're getting really boring and repetitive. So I was asking if there's ways to help make the rivalries better... Like could I be doing something extra? Is there a rivalry that doesn't just play normal matches aside from the occasional attack before or after a match? Am I simming too much? Should I stop making only custom characters have rivalries? What secrets do you have that help make the rivalries more explosive, or make the mode better in general? If this is already a thread feel free to get rid of it. Also how do you think a custom rivalry maker would work?
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