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  1. Just a heads up, the face photo, and some other logos on Konnor are showing blank... also face photo shows fine on cutler and Blake, but 2 logos are coming up blank on cutlers tights and Blakes tattoo is blank... the caws look amazing though, I wish they uploaded with all the logos,
  2. Yeah I was hoping you could fix lawler face as well... I really wanted to have him and yours looks amazing... you just need to remove the face texture and reapply it, maybe youve already heard the workaround for this, but when you apply it make sure its correct the first time... in other words dont go back and edit it, such as resize or move it around, that is what is causing the logos to delete
  3. No problem man, Im not sure how long it would take to make new textures, or if it would be less time consuming than re-applying them, but i would just try placing the logos you already have again, and try seeing if you can just get the placement right the first time you apply them before you make new textures, unless making new textures is easier... keep in mind its just on the custom logos that are blanking out, i saw that you used some default/in game logos, and those are there and i believe can be edited without messing anything up... but either way, Im sure youll figure it out, because with a caw that good it definitely deserves to be uploaded with how you intended it to be... hopefully theyll patch this issue very soon so creators dont have to keep dealing with caws theyve already made, and can focus on starting new caws
  4. Luckily Its just on the first attire... the second attire the logos are fine, so dont play around with the second attire... youll just have to remove the logos off the first attire and re-apply them, then you should be good to go, but just try and get it right the first time so you dont have to go back and edit/resize/move around a logo thats already placed.. thats what will cause it to go blank... besides that she looks awesome though, glad you made her, just fix that and shes damn near perfect
  5. Are you gonna add a second attire to Mahal...? I've been looking for a good one since he returned
  6. Unless they were taken down in the last hour Search by his gamer tag and you'll find them
  7. Damn I'm gonna have to check these out, I don't know how I missed these, they might be better than the ones I already have
  8. Those punks are amazing, just downloaded... Cc's needs a good Batista, would you be interested in making one..?
  9. Damnit... I won't be able to check at least until I get home from work, but know they were hiding certain caws with more than 14 logos, do you know If your tommy end is at least visible to download now...?
  10. Well thank god that patch is coming tomorrow, it couldn't come soon enough... Hopefully your Tommy end will be back up
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