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  1. Downloaded AJ. The attire itself is spot on, but the color is way off. I can change it for the tights but I cant do anything about the logos. If you want to try the color I changed it to, I believe its a lot more accurate to his attire. Try - R:163 / G:216 / B:255 and the Hue at 155 Hope that helps Like I said, other than the color, its great. I thought it was kinda off on the black attire but I couldnt really tell but now that the entire tights are that color, I could tell pretty easy.
  2. So I really have to ask, is there anyway youd give the Bucks a shot? Theres a really sweet Matt & Nick over on the PS4 side that Ive seen on YouTube (not sure who made them) but Im just about dying for a solid Young Bucks. Id really like to have them with this years G1 Climax attire (the paint splattered tights and denim jacket one). I believe thats the one the PS4 CAWs have. If you cant or arent interested, its cool, but after downloading that Cody You have to be the #1 option to ask.
  3. Wolfgang....BRAVO, man! Cody is pretty insane with that jacket. I saw that you uploaded it and I grabbed it immediately! I really couldnt be happier with it. Really nice job!
  4. Now THATS a legit Cody. Cant wait to get that. So what would your thoughts be about trying an attire with his newer flag jacket hes been wearing? The long one? Ive not seen a single person even attempt it. It would be great to have to go along with that first attire slot.
  5. LOVE your Marty! I'm on Xbox so I was wondering what facial hair options you used (for the goatee and eyebrows)
  6. I like how Lio rush is going Might just suggest changing the kickpands to knee pads and boots. The actual kick pads look pretty bulky
  7. Curious, how did you manage to get the handle of the umbrella to only be on the one boot?
  8. Understandable. I've been searching for one, but no luck. Since I'm a fan of your work it couldn't hurt to ask lol If you can't, it's no big deal
  9. There anyway you could put together a current Christopher Daniels?
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