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  1. Any chance you have it in your heart to make Aries in the blue and black trunks that mimick Strong when they were tagging in ROH?
  2. Do they already have Tozawa's dead lift bridging German finisher?
  3. Man do I agree ... Only advice is that his skin texture and maybe the width of his face makes him look a little older. Obsessed with the rest, you really nailed his goatee that's been butchered elsewhere. Can't wait for this one ...
  4. I'm using Roddy too for MyCareer ... absolute blast. You working on any more at the moment? You spoiled us ...
  5. SamoaNOAH

    PWG Arena

    The duct tape on the mat is outstanding ... if only you could add a bar and dollar drafts!
  6. Outstanding job on the Wolves ... can't wait to use them.
  7. Hope you're doing ok DanHero ... having Progress in this game is a real treat. Would love to see guys like Dar, Mastiff, Gallagher and others.
  8. This game can't come soon enough from my Black Friday steal, and you're much of the reason!
  9. I've been waiting since 2K14 for an Okada like ... That ... WOW
  10. Might this be the year someone uploads a killer Okada???
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