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  1. Are you watching the matches? If so, YES! And while you are at it, play about with the gameplay sliders, stronger finishers and weapons etc. Im about to embark on a GM Mode series using my custom rosters and shows etc. So all these i have researched.
  2. Thanks guys, I have more to come. Broseph Joe Brody and Davey Boy Smith JR.
  3. TheMoominBrand

    WCW Project

    These have been absolutely top notch
  4. So After watching MLW and The Opera Cup, I decided to jump into creating some of their wrestlers. Started with Brian Pillman JNR, now this is the first time i have attempted a real life CAW, but... Well have a look. I was not sure until the man himself tweeted out this creation. More than happy. That said, the attire is not 100%, but I have worked hard all the other aspects.
  5. To my knowledge, they switched over to a universal server with 2K20. So long as you don't tie your PSN account to the EULA of 2K20, your stuff will stay on 2K19. And publishers have to wait a minimum of five years before they can shut a server down. I have a second account for 2K19, i had 2K20. But got rid. I am using both account to create at the moment. As long as i can use one to upload logos too, im not bothered
  6. Nice work, as for the servers, I have signed a petition to keep them up!
  7. Yep, I have started a ''Season 2'' thread. Going back to some of my CAWs whilst also doing some brand new ones
  8. I again, will be streaming my PWA Universe, all the original content and characters made by myself will return. I left it with BB Blake finally overcoming the obstacles to win the World Championship. I use the rivalry system to build the story, using various apps I explore what is happening, then stream 2-3 matches from the PPV, each month changes. So you get to see the new people each time.
  9. New textures on The Machine. Not available. Just thought id share.
  10. It would be handy to be able to create crowd signs, cant see it couldnt be an option like side plates for example
  11. **Breathes Deeply** This is what is needed for the game, a game for the fans, i don'k, well especially in the circles I am in, mainly creators. People pick up the game much these days to just play, they are playing their own universe. So this is what is needed. FIRSTLY. KEEP ALL THE GAMEPLAY ANIMATIONS ETC AS IS IN 2K19. Nothing needs to change other than maybe a few tweaks to collisions and environment interactions. I have been able to have some epic matches, you just need to figure out a good game balance in the settings. Universe Mode Re-Work I am not just talking the same old, more cut scenes etc. People play universe mainly as their own promotion. We should be able to add NPC's, in ring announcers, commentary team (even if its Cole etc actually commentating), backstage staff wearing your promotions shirts etc, like the seats being edited. Book stories, take from the old GM mode, options to follow a certain storyline. Things like: David vs Goliath You choose the David and the Goliath. The story plays out as ''David'' tries to overcome the ''Goliath'' Stables Add stables, they regular come in the ring together, have customer cut scenes, I mean a ministry style Monster, wouldn't just walk to the ring with a mic... Custom Threads If you are back stage, you need back stage clothing, this should be the same for promo's. Injuries Be able to book an injury or a beat down on an opponent can end in this being mentioned, Their is no need for GM Mode if they can make Universe Mode better, take out another mode and make this the focus. Creation Suite Firstly, nothing can be done about music, what they can do is add more custom tunes in for use to use It would be handy to have ''Tabs'' eg WWE SuperStars Legneds Misc As well as a note saying ''Used on ''X'' Sticking With entrances, we need more Championship Entrances, or be able to create them. Tag Team entrances and more options overall. More that two attires, and as stated option to have back stage/promo attires. Championships The only thing I would add to this, or it could be added in Universe when you set up a show etc, the ability add the Championship History and Records I for one, as many others keep a continuity record of who has held what. Example i reset my continuity on 2K15 since then: PWA World Heavyweight Championship Chad Hardy x 5 The Machine x 4 Barry Ryan x 3 BB Blake x 2 Kidd Cool, Max Stevens and Logan Xander x 1 The Machine holding it for about 18 months. This would also allow us to add history to NJPW, AEW etc when we grab them, Moves Nothing needs to be added like create a finisher, all they could do is the option of changing the name? Even on commentary of moves. The same move dependent on promotion can be called other things. Their is probably more, but these are my gripes.
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