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  1. Can i have the smackdown logos ?
  2. You plan on remaking Ricardo Rose this year ?
  3. I wanted a Zack Ryder custom attire made for me, I might even try it myself. I do know there's more expieranced people and CAW Creators that know how to do this professionally so I'm asking anyone that will know how to do this. It's a heel zack ryder attire with emma as heel too that would be his manager. . BTW I really do hope WWE will make this happen after losing the IC title like that and keep losing it I think this need to happen, that reigns heel turn everyone wants SO BADLY, can wait I really want to see this first.
  4. I will use him in my caw fed Universe on YT BadGuyBrandon Proving Grounds
  5. AWESOME, Exactly what I was looking for, To be honest PS4 was killing us. this is a massive upload that should get stuff jumping for awhile!
  6. Pretty Awesome work! love to see more when you do more and I hope to see you more on the fourms.
  7. Hey Everyone Bad Guy Brandon and i wanted to letr everyone know im starting up a Show for youtube and or twitchtv for the summer, and it's name is Supreme Wrestling Entertainment (SWE) This show is going to be a tuesday and saturday show. also I will be uploading pics but until i get a good game recorder its going to be some crappy phone pictures! just wanted to you all know. and before i poat pics i will be uploading the name of the roster! PLUS A QUICK NOTE: these superstars,arenas, don't have no paint tool (yeah i know right this community is based off skin PT and other stuff) i'm not saying i dont use paint tool completely,but if i do its using wwe logo or one of the orginal logos that's in the game. So again i hope you all enjoy the future content that will be on here. Thanks again Bad Guy Brandon
  8. will adrena lynn be coming back this year?
  9. Ok, so im not sure if this topic goes in this fourm but i guess it can be moved. anyway some people have been getting some problems about story designer NO im not talking about the gitch where your CAWS go back to default when you upload it to CC. I'm talking about when your in the process of creating a story and only certain CAWS will work in scenes otherwise it will crash or freeze...i think i may have found two ways around it now one way;create all your MATCHES FIRST!!!and then set the scenes (in the place you want it to be) which brings me to the second way; go back and choose the superstar you want to use in a scene in a match (you dont have to keep the match...just delete the match after the scene is done!) so explaination time...after you set the match go to scene and choose the animation you want to use (if the scene freezes just turn off your PS3 or Xbox for 2 hours) now heres the problem solver when you see the CAW name in yellow that means that CAW is already in use which Create a story would think that caw is in the right place, and will read it as 1-10 CAWS (the reason i say this is because story designer has a problem with only CAWS under 1-20 and will freeze) but since it thinks the CAWS are in between the number 1-20 it will load properly so after you pick your CAW that you want in that scene REMEMBER THE CAW HAS TO BE IN YELLOW! just do whatever you want...again if you dont want that caw in a match just delete the match after the scene is done!
  10. i think its called guest attack in mid match or somewher around that section also it freezes on mine
  11. Ok now i've been uploading story's for years now as replacement for my youtube show, now instead of just doing the same stuff everyday i just said what the hell i mind as well upload a Custom story just about the undertaker and everyone knows that if you upload something about the undertaker it has to be a Streak thing or RTWM well yeah i did the streak....but my version of it! of coarse it will not be the same streak as it is on WWE (Kinda) and the reason i say that is because this streak is based on the RWE show that i use for my storys,oh and another thing it starts with wrestlemania 20 and so on, the reason it starts at WM20 because of MY story...and i guess i'll give you a preview a short preview; so me (brandon) has beaten vince for the company back at WM17 and NO it was not for the title and it was not for the company it was for HALF! And what do i mean by half? I mean half the superstars,venues,logos and contracts and thats basically the story of how RWE was created well first it was called RWF Real Wrestling Federation now its entertainment. but enough of me jabbering...go ahead and download the Story and enjoy! Tags:RWE,RWETW,WWE,Undertaker (i do want to tell you 2 things about this) 1.make sure you search CUSTOM STORY tab because if you searched those tags all other stuff will pop up and im sure all you wanna do is just search the story not ramble through superstars,movesets,arenas and god knows what else lol but yeah make sure you use the custom story tab 2.i dont really care if you go and take a peek at the matches but really that will miss out on the fun plus it wouldnt make much since now would it!
  12. it has happen with all my caws i've even tried to delete all my diva CAWS and male but it still freezes when i pick DLC and i almost found a solution: make all the matches FIRST then save and then put scenes and it worked until i realised the only reason it was working because i never used CAWs for the scenes so i tried to put my CAW and it froze ...SOMEBODY PLEASE ASK 2K TO FIX THIS!!
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