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  1. Can i have the smackdown logos ?
  2. You plan on remaking Ricardo Rose this year ?
  3. I wanted a Zack Ryder custom attire made for me, I might even try it myself. I do know there's more expieranced people and CAW Creators that know how to do this professionally so I'm asking anyone that will know how to do this. It's a heel zack ryder attire with emma as heel too that would be his manager. . BTW I really do hope WWE will make this happen after losing the IC title like that and keep losing it I think this need to happen, that reigns heel turn everyone wants SO BADLY, can wait I really want to see this first.
  4. I will use him in my caw fed Universe on YT BadGuyBrandon Proving Grounds
  5. AWESOME, Exactly what I was looking for, To be honest PS4 was killing us. this is a massive upload that should get stuff jumping for awhile!
  6. Pretty Awesome work! love to see more when you do more and I hope to see you more on the fourms.
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