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  1. Honestly, I don't know how good they need to be but I did some google searches and here's what I found for some of them... Jerry Lynn Meng thanks so much for the response by the way!
  2. Hello everyone! I am looking to fill out my universe with some caws that I don't see yet in CC. Some of these do exist but they don't yet have a finalized look or don't have movesets or entrances finished. I prefer the caws to have their movesets and entrances done if possible. If any of you great caw makers can help finalize some of these I would really appreciate it! Classic Wrestlers: One Man Gang 2 Cold Scorpio Duke The Dumpster Droese Adrian Adonis Saba Simba Ricky Morton Robert Gibson WWF: Steve Blackman Hardcore Holly Phineas Godwinn Henry O. Godwinn Wildman Marc Mero Blackjack Bradshaw Blackjack Windham Jeff Jarrett Droz Chainz (DOA) Crush (DOA) Golga (Oddities) Kurrgan (Oddities) ECW: Johnny Grunge Rocco Rock Super Nova Danny Doring Roadkill Axl Rotten Taka Michinoku (prefer the WWF Attitude Era Attires) Masato Tanaka Mustafa Saed Tracy Smothers (FBI) Tommy Rich (FBI) Stevie Richards (BWO) Blue Meanie (BWO) Pitbull Gary Wolfe (Pitbulls) Pitbull Anthony Durante (Pitbulls) WCW: Jerry Sags Brian Knobbs Saturn Scott Steiner Rick Steiner (really only need a moveset) Meng Barbarian
  3. Does anyone have good logos for Ultimate Jeopardy, Hostile City Showdown or Orgy Of Violence? If so, I can make the arena I just need good logos
  4. I'm very interested in this idea but wondering if you might, at some point that is convenient for you, upload your custom arenas to CC? I want to use them along with some ecw and the standard wwe stuff all in my universe. I am doing 4 major shows, WCW, WWF, ECW and a Classic show with pre 90s Wrestlers and more classic ppvs for them. I don't want to switch the entire game over as it might be too complex for me so if you can upload them for PC onto CC I would really really appreciate it as I respect your work greatly
  5. Just a full MOD of the game? I'm super clueless about MODs to be honest. What exactly will yours do?
  6. Been looking through your arenas and they look absolutely stunning. I have PC so I'm wondering when we might get a chance to see your wwe 2k17 work there
  7. I am looking for the following arenas... Anarchy Rulz Orgy Of Violence Ultimate Jeopardy Hostile City Showdown WrestleWar Superbrawl Starrcade Slamboree Battlebowl Mayhem Thanks to anyone that can help with any of these - I am not artist and have zero ability when it comes to custom creations
  8. eplate2

    PC CAW Requests

    I am looking for some caws and arenas for PC. Classic Wrestlers: Haystack Calhoun Yokozuna Demolition Ax Demolition Smash Honky Tonk Man Junkyard Dog Brian Adams Crush early 90s Doing the Clown One Man Gang Sgt. Slaughter The Berzerker Iron Sheik Chief Jay Strongbow Abdullah the Butcher 2 Cold Scorpio The Warlord Koko B Ware WWF: Farooq Dlo Brown Savio Vega Ahmed Johnson Tajiri Rhyno Val Venis Ken Shamrock Steve Blackman Hardcore Holly Kurt Angle Phineas Godwinn Henry O. Godwinn Thrasher Mosh Animal Hawk Hardy Bros Jeff Hardy Hardy Bros Matt Hardy Viscera Scotty 2 Hotty Gangrel Crash Holly Test Marc Mero X-Pac Blackjack Bradshaw Blackjack Windham Dr Death ECW: Sabo Spike Dudley Chainsaw Charlie Mike Awesome Lance Storm Jerry Lynn Little Guido Balls Mahoney Al Snow Taz Mikey Whipreck Johnny Grunge Rocco Rock Super Nova Roadkill Hayabusa Axl Rotten Gangsta New Jack Taka Michinoku Masato Tanaka Shane Douglas Mustafa Saed Justin Credible WCW: Konnan Dean Malenko Chris Benoit Buff Bagwell Rey Mysterio Jeff Jarrett Raven Saturn Scott Steiner Rick Steiner Kanyon Roddy Piper Glacier Wrath Meng Disco Inferno Vampiro Mortis Avalanche Barbarian PPVS: December to Dismember Guilty As Charged Anarchy Rulz Orgy Of Violence UltraClash Ultimate Jeopardy Heat Wave Hardcore Heaven Barely Legal Cyberslam Wrestlepalooza WrestleWar World War 3 Superbrawl Fall Brawl Souled Out Uncensored Starrcade Great American Bash Slamboree Battlebowl Spring Stampede Road Wild Mayhem Armageddon St Valentines Day Massacre King of the Ring The Wrestling Classic Capital Carnage No Mercy Over the Edge Rebellion Vengeance Insurrextion Bad Blood Breaking Point Bragging Rights Over the Limit No Way Out Thanks to anyone that can help know these off the request list
  9. thanks so much! looks fantastic!
  10. Can someone create The Berzerker for me for PS4 please? Shouldn't be too difficult I don't think and here are some images...
  11. I need help with a few ECW arenas. I know ECW wasn't glamorous back in the 90s but please be as creative as you want to make these arenas look a bit more modern and high definition. For PS4 please. I really appreciate the help with these! ECW Holiday Hell ECW CyberSlam ECW Ultimate Jeopardy ECW Hardcore Heaven ECW House Party ECW Heat Wave ECW A Matter Of Respect ECW Born To Be Wired ECW When Worlds Collide ECW UltraClash ECW Hardcore TV Im sorry I dont have any logos for these ill see if i can add them later
  12. just wanted to bump this up and see ifanyone could help make these 3 - they don't seem too difficult but I don't have any abilities when it comes to make CAWs - please help? thanks so much!
  13. oh shoot yeah you're right - thanks. I was thinking of his special move Atom Smasher haha accidentally connected the two.
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