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  1. Only 20 CAW's left on my list to get now, that's progress.
  2. Should be able to get all of them, either those in the 2K23 MyRise as unlockables, or availalbe to download on Community Creations.
  3. Here's CAW's I'm looking to see uploaded on Community Creations on WWE2K23. Some I've gotten already WWE2K23 Community Creations List CAW's who were NPC's in WWE2K15 Barron Blade – got it Ray Rich -got it Zeus Tucker – got it Flash Silva - got it El Hondero – got it Tommy Wall - got it CAW's who were NPC's in WWE2K17 Lance Xander - got it Jayden Jet – got it Brody Tyson - got it Original characters who were in MyCareer in WWE2K19 Cole Quinn El Mago - got it Original characters who were in WWE2K20's career mode El Mago Jr - got it Josie Jane - got it Brooklyn Von Braun From WWE2K Battlegrounds TJ Salazar Bolo Reynolds Original characters from the WWE2K22 MyRise Chase Hector Flores Paragon Jay Pierce Meilee “Fanny” Fan Odyssey Rift La Cangrejita Loca Geneva Rose El Ordinario - got it Original characters from the WWE2K23 MyRise Gabriel Slade - got it Ava Moreno- got it Kyle Slickman Chosen Adrian Buck - got it Adrin Williams Trent Shaw Brute Force Tavish Beth Spartan Ignition Nova Northernlight Andrea Cannons Jodie Garica - got it Justine - got it
  4. No word on social media about the problems with the forum site or when it'll be fixed either. 2K really need to have better people running their servers and social media.
  5. Same in regards to Universe Mode. I just use CAW's for a BCW show.
  6. And now it says Sucuri Website Firewall access denied now. The site needs to be fixed.
  7. Having problems with the 2K forum site, trying to find out if others have the same problem, starting to lose my mind, worrying the problem is on my end a little bit. Can't go on the forum site at all. Anyone else having this problem?
  8. Hopefully MyRise in 2K23 is good, the last great career mode in a WWE game was in WWE2K19.
  9. Didn't see dark haired Sami in the trailer myself, just re-watched it to check.
  10. Should be interesting to see what some of the youtubers who've played the game say about it.
  11. Wonder if they'll reveal the gameplay trailer tomorrow, with the early editions coming out in 43 days, 2K will have to step up the marketing, especially with AEW Fight Forever on the horizon.
  12. Hope GM Mode has an option of no budget and making your own custom show to go against WWE.
  13. That'd be good, along with BCW as well.
  14. That would've been good, along with have a GM for each show who can make announcements for future events, like title matches.
  15. 2K22 was a good game, it was a lot better then 2K20. I'll give 2K23 a chance, hopefully it'll be another good game.
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