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  1. Well I consider them PPV's. I'd gladly pay any price to have those PPV's on DVD as well alongside the other AEW PPV's as part of my extensive DVD collection.
  2. I prefer getting Wrestling PPV's on DVD over getting them on Blu-Ray. I'm more shocked that 2019 Fyter Fest and Fight For The Fallen 2019 also can't be gotten on DVD as well.
  3. I liked the LAW and BCW arenas in the game.
  4. I hope that's a hint we might get the Ascension. Looks pretty naff from what I've seen on Youtube, really don't like this fantasy angle over realism and updating the roster. 100% agree.
  5. Same thing happens to me on the Xbox One, saw on the 2KForum site that there's a workaround for the issue for those who play the game on PC or PS4, but that workaround doesn't work for me on the Xbox One,
  6. it is the testers fault. they should've said to 2K "This game is broken in some many different ways! Delay the game till December at least. So work can be done of fixing the many issues in this game otherwise people will complain." And right now, the hashtag, FixWWE2K20 is trending on Twitter atm.
  7. With stuff like that not being seen by beta testers and fixed, I'd bet a lobster dinner, the game didn't have any beta testers!
  8. Well 2K hasn't been a doing a great job with the marketing for the game so far, this happening wouldn't surprise me. But if it meant. I get Cutler, Blake, Killian Dain and the Ascension in the game, even if it's via DLC. It's worth it. Plus maybe the Empire of Tomorrow Originals Pack, means we'll more NXT UK talent, like Imperium.
  9. It better. Maybe even Killian Dain as well!
  10. I don't have the means to pay for FITE. Plus a lot of people when they heard the AEW weekly shown would be on ITV 4 expect that to mean it'll be on ITV4 live, like it'll be live on TV for viewers in the US and Canada! AEW fans in the UK and Ireland are getting screwed! Wanting us to wait till Sunday, get up at 8AM to watch it, that won't do, plus the program being on that early means it'd probably be edited so the show is suitable for children!! No one will get up at 8AM to watch the show on ITV 4 when they can watch it online through third party sites if they have to when it airs live in the US and Canada.
  11. Just saw that Canada will be able to watch AEW Dynamite live on Wednesday on TV, while the UK and the Republic of Ireland have to wait till 8.20AM on Sunday on ITV4, who's the idiot who made that decision? https://www.wrestlinginc.com/news/2019/09/aew-dynamite-to-air-live-for-fans-in-canada-660216/
  12. Agreed. But still it'll be an interesting 2K Originals DLC pack.
  13. Sadly some people are just never happy and always find something to complain about.
  14. I hope they added tournaments to Universe. One of those odd things missing. Tournaments, qualifying matches, and number one contender matches. That'd be good, especially if tournaments can have more than 8 individuals or teams in them, say 16 at most.
  15. My plans depend on weather on not we can have the Royal Rumble and Elimination Chamber matches in created arenas in Universe Mode and out of it. Along with how many matches we can have per show, that includes, major, minor and PPV. I'd like to be able to have at least 10 matches per show as I'd have a big roster on my custom show in Universe Mode.
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