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  1. Finally got all the CAW's on my list.
  2. Can anyone make a CAW of TJ Salazar from 2K Battlegrounds and upload it on Community Creations, it's the final CAW on my list that I'm looking for.
  3. Got all of the CAW's on my list, except one, a CAW of TJ Salazar from 2KBattlegrounds.
  4. Agreed. It's stupid to have that locked to MyRise.
  5. Plans change, you never know.
  6. Seen this online that 2K is removing CAW's from Community Creations people have uploaded on characters exclusive to MyRise and MyFaction. https://www.videogameschronicle.com/news/2k-begins-removing-myrise-exclusive-characters-from-wwe-2k22-community-creations/ If 2K is doing that, hopefully it means they plan to make those characters unlockable and playable in other modes in the game. It's what the customers want.
  7. I'm putting this up as a request to see if anyone will make these CAW's and put them up on Community Creations for the Xbox One. CAW's who were NPC's in WWE2K15 Barron Blade- got it. Ray Rich - got it Zeus Tucker - got it Flash Silva - got it El Hondero - got it Tommy Wall - got it CAW's who were NPC's in WWE2K17 Lance Xander - got it. Jayden Jet - got it. Brody Tyson -got it. Original characters who were in MyCareer in WWE2K19 Cole Quinn -got it. El Mago - got it. Original characters who were in WWE2K20's career mode El Mago Jr - got it. Josie Jane - got it. From WWE2K Battlegrounds TJ Salazar - got it
  8. That the enhancement talent in MyGM, the original characters in MyRise and alternate attires for superstars are not usable outside those modes. 2K should add a patch, so we can use those characters and alternate attire are useable throughout the rest of the game, the hard part is already over. Just finish the easy part.
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