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  1. Can someone make CAW's of Ignition and Adrin Williams from MyGM and a CAW of Bolo Reynolds from 2K Battlegrounds, the last 3 CAW's I need on my list.
  2. Now only need CAW's of Ignition, Adrin Williams, Bolo Reynolds and CAW's of some of the original characters from MyGM like Quinn Bea for example.
  3. This thread is for my requests. Make your own thread for your requests.
  4. Can someone make CAW's for me on Community Creations of some of the MyGM Original characters, seen a good few of them on CC already on WWE2K23 but not the following that I'm looking for, plus some my nephew is looking for to have in his Universe Mode. Ignition Ardin Williams Quinn Bea Donna Matrix.
  5. You should make your own thread on here then asking for that and any others you'd want.
  6. It's what I was hoping would be done on here for me with this thread, asking others to make those CAW'S and put them on CC. Only 4 more I need on my list
  7. Just downloaded a CAW of him that was on CC, though I had a look, not on there now.
  8. There's been CAW's put up of some of them on CC, look up hashtags MyRise, MyGM or the characters names and you can find them. My sincere apologies for the late reply, been busy looking after a relative who is unwell. Now there's only 3 left on the list to get.
  9. Only 14 left on the list to get now.
  10. Only 20 CAW's left on my list to get now, that's progress.
  11. Should be able to get all of them, either those in the 2K23 MyRise as unlockables, or availalbe to download on Community Creations.
  12. Here's CAW's I'm looking to see uploaded on Community Creations on WWE2K23. Some I've gotten already WWE2K23 Community Creations List CAW's who were NPC's in WWE2K15 Barron Blade – got it Ray Rich -got it Zeus Tucker – got it Flash Silva - got it El Hondero – got it Tommy Wall - got it CAW's who were NPC's in WWE2K17 Lance Xander - got it Jayden Jet – got it Brody Tyson - got it Original characters who were in MyCareer in WWE2K19 Cole Quinn - got it El Mago - got it Original characters who were in WWE2K20's career mode El Mago Jr - got it Josie Jane - got it Brooklyn Von Braun - got it From WWE2K Battlegrounds TJ Salazar - got it Bolo Reynolds Original characters from the WWE2K22 MyRise Chase - got it Hector Flores - got it Paragon Jay Pierce - got it Meilee “Fanny” Fan - got it Odyssey Rift - got it La Cangrejita Loca - got it Geneva Rose - got it El Ordinario - got it Original characters from the WWE2K23 MyRise Gabriel Slade - got it Ava Moreno- got it Kyle Slickman - got it Chosen - got it Adrian Buck - got it Adrin Williams Trent Shaw - got it Brute Force - got it Tavish - got it Beth Spartan - got it Ignition Nova Northernlight - got it Andrea Cannons got it Jodie Garica - got it Justine - got it
  13. No word on social media about the problems with the forum site or when it'll be fixed either. 2K really need to have better people running their servers and social media.
  14. Same in regards to Universe Mode. I just use CAW's for a BCW show.
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