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  1. Remember all the promos where Cena buried Roman?
  2. Taken from Figure Four Weekly/Reddit: The original idea was to be "along the lines of the famous Dallas soap opera storyline of who shot JR". Vince's entire family including his real-life brother Rod McMahon (and his own family) were to appear on TV and attend a funeral for Vince. According to a former WWE writer, Vince might have wanted to build up an army of stars to reclaim his throne upon returning. Other ideas were to have Vince grow out his hair, beard and fingernails while he was off-screen. In the end, there would be a full on investigation about whodunit and Mr. Kennedy would come out about himself being the illegitimate son of Vince (before they brought it back and had it be Hornswoggle) and inherit the company. From there, the WWE would do a Kennedy vs. Stephanie/Shane storyline to fight over control of the company with the conclusion at WrestleMania 24 where Vince would return alongside Kennedy.
  3. Remember when Kofi defeated the World Heavyweight Champion Randy Orton.
  4. Thought the same way. Tried it once using a YouTube video. I could easily pull it off. It's easy I guess. I did it Johnny's SD variation.
  5. How to not chose a variation: When you choose a variation just tap UP two times and then press Y/Triangle. Some seem to have a full moveset this way like Kitana.
  6. If y'all wanna pick the alt color of the attire. Press square(ps4) on the character screen, and press start on the skin instead of X. You'll have an alt color skin.
  7. The combo mechanics are very different from injustice. Nailing combos on injustice is super easy. Whereas, in MK, it's a pain in the ass. I could easily pull a 22 hit combo with Lantern in injustice. MK though, hard as hell. - Story is pretty good. Loved the ending. Was badass.
  8. Johnny Cage with the stunt double variation is my main. Game is lots of fun. Wish they didn't remove the two vs two, thought. Would've been awesome.
  9. Use your thumb to cover the four face buttons. Flick the thumb up and down.. ^ Always worked for me.
  10. Can't wait. The fatalities are brutal! The gameplay seems fun, too. The variations are a good plus. Can't wait to master characters. Confused on who my first main is gonna be. Any suggestions?
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