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  1. They also might make WWE more edgy. It could go either way at this point, though I don’t know how WWE would affect UFC, in Endeavor’s mind (I know WWE and UFC will be run as separate brands). If UFC is adult oriented and WWE becomes super kid friendly, Endeavor might see that WWE is affecting UFC’s reputation. If they were to do crossovers, I’d imagine they’d want a more unified target audience. Of course, WWE would have to adopt UFC’s sponsors if it were to go in a more TV-14 direction. UFC is TV-14. It was strange seeing alcohol sponsored like that on Night 2. I don’t think WWE ever went all out like that after going PG. In this new company, Ari Emanuel sits at top as CEO while VKM is number 2 as Executive Chairman. Dana White ranks below Vince, from what I’ve read.
  2. I can’t find Undertaker’s 03 Motorbike entrance. Is it still there, and if so, is it still available for CAS. Does it have to be unlocked? Thanks in advance.
  3. Height for CAS seems to cap at 7’0”. Four inches shorter than last year.
  4. CAW quality looks far more up to par this year. Upon giving it a closer look, it seems like the hair and body textures improved as well, and it’s not just the face.
  5. Psssh…Nothin personnel…kid! Edit: Off topic, but it looks like Silent Hill is coming back, for real this time!
  6. lol I was going to clarify my point, but I’m not going to dignify that kind of reaction with a reply. Peace.
  7. I really hope 2K takes some notes from Street Fighter 6’s Character Creation feature. It’s deep.
  8. I think Stephanie and Triple H put a permanent kibosh on a possible TV-14 rating.
  9. Pat McAfee mentioned it’s not yet TV-14, but I haven’t heard anyone name drop the TV-14 rating in years on WWE TV programming.
  10. I had to delete WWE 2K22 off of my PS5. There’s now WAAAAAAAAY too many restrictions on CAS and CAS parts. Why are there now entrance restrictions for certain parts that weren’t there before? Why are some parts restricted to entrances, Period? Why? Can someone tell me why? Given the parts that are arbitrarily restricted, I’m starting to think it’s NOT a geometry or memory issue as those parts were fine before. Why do so many parts conflict? Why were moves removed? Why are there so many glitches? This game can be summed up in one word. Why?
  11. I’m on the PS5 as well, and the patch didn’t even show up. I live in the EST time zone. What gives? UPDATE: It just appeared.
  12. Well, I’ve noticed in 2k22 with power based submissions like the Elevated Vise Grip and Bearhug, the hold looks weak at the start and if the opponent is closer to escaping the hold. However, when they get closer to submitting, they will struggle and shake violently. It looks kind of cool how it transitions into more of a struggle.
  13. What would you guys think of Superstar and Giant body types as options for CAS in these games? Superstar would use proportions of in game superstars, while Giants would scale larger and taller than in game superstars at the same height. At least give giant body types of the in game guys.
  14. Is there a reason CAS can’t scale 1:1 to in game counterparts at the same listed height? Is it the new body types? CAS are proportionally shorter than in 2k20 (could make a CAS as tall as Andre in 2k20). Wish it could be fixed, but there you have it.
  15. That move is still in the game, thankfully. I should know, as it’s a finisher for my giant type CAWs.
  16. One thing I really, really don’t like is that CAS heights don’t scale 1:1 to the in game wrestlers. The CAS wrestlers are WAAAAY too short compared to the in game wrestlers. A 7’4” CAS is basically as tall as the Undertaker, and Andre dwarfs them in both height and girth, even if you use the largest body types. It’s not gamebreaking, though I wish the scale was 1:1. This was an issue in the THQ era of WWE games, and I liked that in the earlier 2K games, you could make someone as tall as Andre. Edit: Did anyone else notice?
  17. Yeah, mainly them. I’m also glad they kept most of the moves in overall as well.
  18. I’m really happy that basically all of the moves from the last game are still in and that this game is far more stable.
  19. You can assign submissions to some of the combos. I thought that was a pleasant surprise.
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