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  1. Awesome work! Would love to see Adam Cole. Great job either way!
  2. Finally downloaded! Awesome work. Already made Edge the Universal Champion in my Universe lol. Thanks a lot, man.
  3. Still getting the Hogan/Smackdown glitch. Apparently parts were used from there and those of us who didn't go deluxe can't download. Thanks for trying.
  4. Amazing CAW, but it's saying I need to have purchased the Smackdown special edition and Hollywood Hogan to download.
  5. Downloaded everything you made from the Rumble and all of the logos are there and in the right place. Zero problems.
  6. Amazing. Just amazing. You are definitely talented. Anyone seen a good Seth Rollins? Can DM me if you don't want to give out a name.
  7. And of course the logos on Finn don't show up.... Perhaps time to face the fact that this game is fatally flawed beyond repair.
  8. I was waiting for a new attire but he keeps wearing the same one. Understandable. Yeah, he even ditched the jacket. Oh well, nice job on your part.
  9. Nice! Was a little surprised nobody took a crack at DB yet, so great job and thanks.
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