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  1. I'm back. Honestly I'm always shocked at how many people are shocked at how many bugs exist in release or why the bugs aren't fixed day one, or "how was this allowed to be released?" These games will ALWAYS be allowed to be released. I'm not aware of a modern WWE release that was held back, I don't see it ever happening because they know you are going to buy it. Until the community starts listening and saying "crap I hear this game isn't working, i'm not going to buy it until it's working." WWE has no impetus to force the studios to fix the issues prior to release. Now that my traditional statement is out of the way, I probably will purchase this game (I held off last year, I encourage others to consider adopting a similar idea, don't buy it if you don't really need the new one. I'm only interested in the new integration of female stars. IMO if people show WWE that it would be more profitable to release every other year or more, they could modify the release schedule to allow the devs to fix the bugs prior to release.) My advice based on this thread, don't spend a lot of time making CAWs yet, make a basic wrestler and play whatever the story mode is. Wait until the big bugs get patched before investing your time and energy.
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