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  1. Same thing with my deluxe edition copy for the PS4. Put in the code included and it lists taker immortal pack, myrise booster, and super charger as purchased and installed. Had to restart my system before those packs showed up in-game though. But the “thank you for purchasing the WWE2k22 season pass” message never popped up. Season pass is listed as purchased on the store but not listed as installed along with the other DLCs I mentioned. I’m pretty sure we should be getting the season pass pop-up too though. Would appreciate it if anyone can confirm if this is normal or not. Getting worried I might not get to access the upcoming DLC superstar packs even though I bought the deluxe edition.
  2. I just got my deluxe edition for the PS4 and I’ve input the bonus content code included in the box. It was accepted and the Taker Immortal pack, MyRise megaboost, and the Supercharger was listed as purchased and installed. I had to restart my system before the game finally gave the notification on startup that all 3 were indeed installed but the “Season Pass Purchased” notification never showed up. Upon checking the store again, the season pass is listed as purchased but it’s not on the list of installed DLC along with the Taker, MyRise booster, and Supercharger DLCs. Now I’m wondering if this is normal since none of the DLC packs are out yet but I’m pretty sure it should appear immediately for me since this is where we first got information on the names for the DLC superstar packs, right? Any ideas on why this is? Getting worried that I might not get the upcoming DLC characters even though I got the deluxe edition.
  3. The small thing she could bite on inside the mask is actually one of my theories as well. Glad i'm not the only one wondering about this haha
  4. Not really something i learned but rather something i want to learn today. Can anyone tell me how Asuka keeps her mask on during her entrance? are there strings i can't see?
  5. Ahh i see. Gonna try that roulette thing. Thanks for the tip
  6. Damn wish i saw that sooner. But thanks for the generosity Lapras and congrats to Grenade for getting it. Anyway, what do you guys think is the most effective way to get all custom mii outfits and hats? I'm on 3ds btw if that helps
  7. Is there another way to get mewtwo aside from linking a 3ds and wiiU?
  8. Finished Batman Arkham Asylum and now started playing Rage again. I had the game for a while but got back into it just recently. Really enjoying it so far. Finished Batman Arkham Asylum and now started playing Rage again. I had the game for a while but got back into it just recently. Really enjoying it so far.
  9. Just finished The Amazing Spider-Man 2 on 360 and now I'm playing through the Devil May Cry trilogy on 360 as well. Planning on playing Arkham Asylum after that
  10. Wow, your first Smash Bros game? You've missed out. I'd recommend trying the others as well (at least Melee and Brawl). Personally, even with the new game here, I feel that Melee had the best gameplay. The problem lies in that it had a lacking roster. Brawl had a great roster, but its gameplay wasn't as great IMO. Sm4sh seems to have a nice balance in-between the two; it has great gameplay and a great roster. This, go back and play Melee. You won't be sorry you did. Welcome to the Smash community though! Side note: I'm saving my "Not as good as Melee" reactions for a few years down the road. Melee had about decade of Tech skill developing, most of which weren't found until the major competitive stuff shown in the documentary that made it that fun. Now people are judging a brand new game by comparing it to a game that really came into its own not even 4 years ago. Yeah well i never owned nintendo consoles. Only had game boy advance and now a 3ds xl. But i'll be sure to try the older smash games whenever i get the chance. Thanks guys!
  11. First time ever playing a super smash game and i must say, it is really fun and easy to learn. My current favorites are link and megaman. Can't wait for the official release!
  12. I love the DBZ series and my all time favorite character is Vegeta. And i kinda felt bad for him as he was always outshined by Goku. I get that Goku is the main man of the show but i still always hoped for maybe a movie or a tv special where Vegeta, or even other Z fighters, would get the spotlight or atleast show them as equals.
  13. What's the difference between DBZ and DBZ Kai?
  14. I just watched DBZ battle of gods last night and was surprised with how they handled Bills. He wasn't the usual DBZ villain i expected, and he wasn't a bad character. Pretty fun movie
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