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  1. Alex Riley huh? Wonder if they said it to his face?? He had nothing good to say about the company anyways
  2. I just stick with Jason. His should ram brutality is pretty sweet
  3. Mark my words. Come back to this thread when this movie is released in 2016. This movie will beat Furious 7 record(s)
  4. There's nobody in my city except the time patrol??
  5. Stronger than BUU but still can't escape from HFIL
  6. It's funny that everyone is like " Im glad scorpion and subzero are still in it" but bitch about Cassie Cage and descendants of the MK fighters. Scorpion/Subzero in MkX could be descendants of the originals
  7. Only part of GT I liked was the Super 17 story and in GT the animation style was great. Dragon ball z will always outshine dragon ball and GT. I'm not a fan of Dragon Ball too boring
  8. Hulu has the newest naruto episodes on there even though they are subbed. This weeks episode was pretty damn good. Itachi actually feeling remorse for kabuto. Other than that I don't know if Pokemon X/Y the series and Yugioh Zexal count but I watch them too with subs or just RAW Zexal is a clusterfudge
  9. I miss Hassan. I think his heat was like Vickie's people naturally hated them lol
  10. I still watch that lol,the fourth series started yesterday.
  11. DRRR!! is one of my top five animes. Oh jeez, please tell me you're not watching the dubbed version? The dubs for that, and GantZ are abominations. The only saving grace for the dubs is Izaya being played by what's his face... same voice actor for Koizumi from Haruhi Suzumiya. Izaya is my favorite anime villain. . Yeah the dub is what I'm watching lol should I watch the original?? And I'm lost,is that how she talks is VIA that talk pad thingy?
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