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    Basketball, hockey, gaming, comics, talking to peeps, just hanging out with people. The beach and the city. Night life. The comic character Lobo. Comic writing.
  1. I probably will read it but im so behind on the Avengers. I just can't get into that book i might have to drop it. And it feels like forever, but Saga is back this week. You wouldn't be the only one dropping it.
  2. Thanks everyone. And I gotta say though, I really love New F'N Show's sig.
  3. Hi Jordan. I'm CH&ZRFan. If you ever need someone to talk to, drop me a PM. Thanks for the welcoming. I appreciate it. And I shall do.
  4. Well, Forever Evil is still on the brink of starting. Also, you could probably pick up the start to the new Green Lantern run. Geoff just left it, I think two issues ago. Might as well check that out.
  5. Think it's awesome this thread exists. Glad there's some fellow comic fans in here. Flashpoint Paradox was great, and I definitely agree on the silly animation. Everyone was way too big for me. However, it's saying something when the story really helped me just forgive the animation as a whole, and keep me that much into it. The fights are great as well, and that's really worth mentioning. As for good comics coming out, anyone else pumped for Forever Evil/Villains Month? Lobo, which is my favorite DC character, is getting some spotlight shown on him. He's also going to be featured in the Injustice Annual. He's also in the Stormwatch series. I have this feeling, they're going to start teasing at a new Lobo ongoing series.
  6. I appreciate it. I'm digging the Deadpool image as well.
  7. Hi. I'm Jordan. I'm a good guy. I'm up front, and I may have unpopular opinions. I do like friendly debates. Uh, I've been in this forum before, not as a user, but I've seen it a few times. Figured why not. Hope I fit in with the community.
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