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  1. New Orleans and Champ Bailey reached a two year deal.
  2. Lol no doubt. We gotta give Dalton that 6 year, 120 million dollar deal.
  3. Thing is, I read that they're putting him behind Mays and Iloka on the depth chart instead of somewhere he can be used. Basically just depth at a position we had people for. Mock drafts have us taking Kony Ealy which I'm 100% fine with. He was great at Mizzou and is a threat rushing. Dee Ford is the ideal pick, but we won't get him unless some weird shit goes on. I love that Kony guy. Hope he'll still be available. I heard the Titans are releasing Chris Johnson today. In my dream world we release Benjarvis and pick Johnson up lol.
  4. http://www.cincyjungle.com/2014/4/3/5578372/danieal-manning-signing-with-cincinnati-bengals So maybe we are taking a DE first and then another QB in the later rounds. I might be able to sleep good tonight lol.
  5. RG3 & Jackson... Defenses will be on their heels.
  6. The Raiders signed 2 of the 49ers CB's: Carlos Rodgers and Tarell Brown. I think they're going for it this year. They've been making lots of moves.
  7. Lol. JaMarcus was an husky boy for sure. Skipping a few meals wouldn't had hurt him.
  8. By God. He was just awful lol. Strong arm. But that's about it for him.
  9. I'd agree about his first game, but this past year the defense and run game (Gio) were keeping us competitive while Dalton ran around, got hit, and threw picks. The first playoff game with Dalton for me was a "Okay, thats fine. Its a high pressure game, especially in Cinci against a team like Houston." and let him off. This year, he sunk us on his arm tbh. The stats may say something, but its hard to NOT rush for over 150 when the ball is in your hands that much with a lead That's a problem too. While I like Giovani, he's like a Darren Sproles. A back that can stretch the defense in the passing game. Not a type of RB that would get you those tough yards. That's why we have Benjarvis here too ( he's not getting the job done either. He doesn't fumble but way too inconsistent ). I was hoping we were able to get Darren McFadden to come here, but he re-signed with Oakland. I wish we never gotten rid of Cedric Benson. That was a mistake. We do need a strong running game to free up Dalton, but he needs to stop playing Jekyll & Hyde out there.
  10. You mean 3. He's been alright. Let me grab his career stats. QBR: 86 Pct%: 61 Career passing yards so far: 11360 Yards per game: 237 Touchdowns: 80 Interceptions: 49 All average numbers. Good, but nothing too spectacular. Now his postseason numbers: QBR: 16 Pct%: 56 Touchdowns: 1 Interceptions: 6 This is where he hears the music.
  11. The dreaded over-throws... By God, I hope we draft a QB in the 2nd or 3rd round. "Ummmm....Dalton why did you roll out and rush the throw? You still had like 6 more mississippi before they even were allowed to rush you" We need SOMETHING to at least force him to improve. Draft McCarron if he's around. Lol. I like Derek Carr from Fresno too. If he's around in the 2nd, I would take him. McCarron or him would be fine with me.
  12. The dreaded over-throws... By God, I hope we draft a QB in the 2nd or 3rd round.
  13. DJax and AJ Green. Not even Dalton could mess that up right? Lol I don't know man. Dalton doesn't like to be denied.
  14. I wonder who's going to take a chance on him now. Bengals always take a chance with criminals and gangbangers. This is their time to strike.
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