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  1. New Orleans and Champ Bailey reached a two year deal.
  2. Lol no doubt. We gotta give Dalton that 6 year, 120 million dollar deal.
  3. Thing is, I read that they're putting him behind Mays and Iloka on the depth chart instead of somewhere he can be used. Basically just depth at a position we had people for. Mock drafts have us taking Kony Ealy which I'm 100% fine with. He was great at Mizzou and is a threat rushing. Dee Ford is the ideal pick, but we won't get him unless some weird shit goes on. I love that Kony guy. Hope he'll still be available. I heard the Titans are releasing Chris Johnson today. In my dream world we release Benjarvis and pick Johnson up lol.
  4. http://www.cincyjungle.com/2014/4/3/5578372/danieal-manning-signing-with-cincinnati-bengals So maybe we are taking a DE first and then another QB in the later rounds. I might be able to sleep good tonight lol.
  5. ^Lmao. Well, at least we got 1 from St. Louis.
  6. Walk-off fashion! This one belongs to the Reds! Go suck a fat one Cardinals.
  7. RG3 & Jackson... Defenses will be on their heels.
  8. The Raiders signed 2 of the 49ers CB's: Carlos Rodgers and Tarell Brown. I think they're going for it this year. They've been making lots of moves.
  9. . Our 'ace' Cueto actually did great. 7 innings, only 3 hits, 8 k's, but he gave up that really poor pitch to Molina for a homer. We just couldn't swing to save our life. The Cards even committed 3 errors, but still nothing. It's just 1 game out of 162. I'm still optimistic. Just a little bit.
  10. So many runners left on base already ( just like last year ). Should be burying the Cards right now. *Sigh*. Edit: Well that was fun.................
  11. LET'S GO REDS! #BillyHamilton
  12. LOLMets. The Yankees are the perfect team for new fans. They're the face of baseball. Go Reds! Beat the shit out of the Cardinals. I *censoring* hate the Cardinals. Johnny Cueto better bring his stuff today. Homer Bailey should be our ace, but I'm not the Reds management...
  13. Lol. JaMarcus was an husky boy for sure. Skipping a few meals wouldn't had hurt him.
  14. By God. He was just awful lol. Strong arm. But that's about it for him.
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