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  1. JBS

    The Red Rooster

    Code provided - i think this is the correct code.
  2. Not yet, is it any good? by the way - post some pics of Darth Maul one you create them please...
  3. I have updated with 2 CAWS Codes
  4. Formulas Posted. If you build it... post the pics in the comments..
  5. It looks really good ... i actually started working on my Goldberg again... i wasn't too happy with him. Im also looking into what to make. Maybe i should re-touch my Thanos a bit.
  6. JBS

    Kraven by JBS

    No ... I havent even turn on my xbox over a month.
  7. I have to agree... they look very good. Keep working on it and i love the colors you chose... lol.. You got a good eye.
  8. Yeah that would be helpful for others who might be interested in trying out
  9. Ok i will have to take a look at it... again its been a LONG time since I've seen this one... But what i did like about it was using Kane's Move Set gives you the "Arms Movement" as if he's calling up the alien host to empower him and at most of the time Kane tends to walk with his head downward and gives Venom that look like he's a bit off/Not normal look..which is exactly what you are trying to deliver.
  10. Sorry - I've been sick as a dog this week with a stomach virus. However, these are the formulas i have saved. I have one for Nixon but i don't think i ever finished it ... might be saved on my system still as i was last working on that one.
  11. So i don't know which Venom this is... as i have 4 different versions saved.... but going off GMaybee's comment as Venom #4.... i will post this formula for you. I also added Eddie Brock for you in case you wanted to try that one out..... i don't know if that face was good but people seemed to like it. I think i was basing it off the old Todd Mcfarlane's version of Eddie's profile. But you can be the judge of it... as you said i havent seen this guy in over 4 years.
  12. JBS

    Santa V2

    I havent seen this caw in a very long time... let me know what your thoughts are.. maybe i can update it if you see key things not looking up to par
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