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  1. If you want an NWA save I highly recommend you download this. Or even if you already have one Massive thanks to Kim for his work enabling save unlocking, textures etc and his kindness in talking me through it all. I've sorted 100 caws, 50 arenas, 20 logos, 26 tag teams, settings superstar threads, rosters, rivalries, rankings, rosters, belts etc etc. Have it set up the way I like, could go on forever explaining the whys and wherefores, but have 3 major shows with NWA rosters for the first two and the other territories together on the third show. I often quickly switch show logos and arenas between matches in universe depending on whats booked. Easy enough to rearrange how you like. I don't use the feuds section, having auto rivalries off and letting the individual rivalries and rankings run it seems to book better, and have more cut scene variety. I've set up a lot of the superstar rivals such as Flair with Dusty, Funk, Steamboat Sting .. Tully v Magnum/ Dusty, Midnights v Rock n roll express, Freebirds v Von Erichs, Tommy Rich Buzz Sawyer, Piper Valentine, Steamboat & Youngblood v Slaughter & Kernodle etc I've set up the tags for exhibition mode also, but personally as just treat universe as my exhibition mode when I feel like, need the show logos in entrances and random attires Although the 80s filters don't always seem to work. Roster: Caws are by the Krad, JDB, Bernielomax, Semtex, Scurrl, Rainalways plus purpledark, adb1980, methos dawson. Will update this apologies to anyone missed. Have mainly gone for relevent attires on the caws not necessarily the best versions, no dlc caws either. Arenas Spent forever making and arranging these, they're the main feature http://thewrestlinglegendsforum.com/forum/thread-15241-post-147043.html#pid147043 46 arenas by me, 3 from Razaback and one from Dely. 21 of them with glitched aprons. Logos could easy fill 20 more logo slots, all ppvs and lots more are on cc (search cdb ) Belts I highly recommend downloading this NWA 87-90 announcer pack by The Territories, I've set up the entrance tracks so if you copy the music files to ps3 before the save theres a chance they may match up already http://thewrestlinglegendsforum.com/forum/thread-4195.html The Save: PAL version https://www.sendspace.com/file/ydqsps NTSC Version https://www.sendspace.com/file/n681n9 I've uploaded the saves inside Kim's Save Game Tool pack, as you will need to resign the save to your own PS3. Apologies if the below directions aren't clear enough, will happily talk anyone through it, but you have to: Copy an existing game save from your ps3 profile to usb, from which you copy the 'param.sfo' into the Save Game Tools folder. Rename it to template.sfo, execute "Resign.EU" or "Resign.US", copy the Bles (EU)or Blus (US) folder to ps3 and load up the game http://thewrestlinglegendsforum.com/forum/thread-13513.html Many thanks again to Kim for his help
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