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  1. I play a lot of GM Mode with my CAW's. I have a One Man Gang CAW who I created a moveset for and I was wondering what the more desirable moveset for a CAW was. Is it a CAW moveset that caters to to the wrestler's finisher (meaning if the finisher is the clothsline from hell, all the moves in the moveset work the neck/head) or a moveset where you simply choose the most powerful move in each category (in theory working the entire body), or a moveset that caters to whether the wrestler is dirty or clean. Keep in mind, this question is only for gameplay in CAW mode where you are simming all of the matches. Just as some context, when I play GM mode I do it in such a way as to balance the game out between myself and the computer by making it pretty much all CAW's. The result is pretty interesting as the wrestlers the computer pushes are really interesting.
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