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  1. OMG! A Bobby Eaton and Arn Anderson CAW for this game?! Those are two guys who I have been dying to have decent CAW's for. Is there any chance I could get you to post pics of those two?
  2. That's the thing, I tried to use only talent that AEW would have ready access to. I wanted to include Sting in at least one match, but seeing as he is under some sort of WWE contract and would likely demand a king's ransom for payment eliminated him.
  3. It feels as of right now although AEW has a great roster, that there are relatively few Dream Matches available to to them. With that said, I was wondering what dream matches you can envision that AEW could possibly pull off. These are some of the only ones I can think of: FTW World Title Match: Sabu vs Brian Cage Ultimate Submission Match: Kurt Angle vs Jake Hagar EC3 vs MJF Motor City Machine Guns vs FTR Karl Anderson & Luke Gallows vs Proud & Powerful Austin Aries vs Kenny Omega Jay Briscoe vs Jon Moxley Anyone think of any others?
  4. OMG...Thank you so much! He is going to be created tonight to fight Undertaker in a Hell in a Cell match, followed by a Casket match.
  5. First off, I have tried many times to create a Bam Bam Bigelow but it has never turned out right. Yours is amazing! Could you possibly post the formula for the Bam Bam CAW with the red elbow pad? Also, Greg Valentine was still with the company in 1993. He is one wrestler whose face I have NEVER been able to get right. If you can could I possibly get you to make a CAW of him? I'm dying to have Valentine run through the roster with Jimmy Hart as his manager.
  6. So far I gave Dolph the Fameasser, however, the finisher is relatively weak. If anyone has a better finisher or has discovered something that looks like the Zig-Zag, please share.
  7. Great Nakamura Caw! I would be really greatful if you could post the entrance that you used for him. I tried and I tried, but I can't find one that seems to even remotely look good.
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