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  1. Okay, I've been working on Adrian Adonis for a while now and I am stuck on his Body Type: Ripped <-> Thick. I cannot get him as perfectly rotund as you have him. When I try to adjust the slider, he is either not fat enough or almost cartoony fat. Would you be able to give me the Body Type: Ripped <-> Thick value for Adrian?
  2. Okay, thank you so much for this! I'm attempting Harley Race right now but I cannot get the colors of the tights/hair right. Would you be able to post the color levels for his tights and his hair? Right now, the way I have his hair it makes him look like a middle aged housewife with a bad dye job. I just suck at colors. For Adrian, I probably need the color levels for his just for his boots/hair. This literally is amazing! I'm going to enjoy some of the cut scenes/WrestleMania moments in the storyline portion of the game where Adrian winning the title.
  3. Really? Wow. Any way I could get you to post formulas for Adrian Adonis and Harley Race from Wrestlemania 3? Something about the idea of Harley Race from 1980's WWF going through the ECW storyline seems amazing. Same with Adrian Adonis in the Casket match storyline with Undertaker.
  4. Wow...that is an insane dedication to detail. Great job. But I do have to ask, why Wrestlemania 1? With the battle royal, Wrestlemania 4 arguably had the most stacked card of talent. Also, out of all of the CAW's you should really be proud of Iron Mike Sharpe. He is really well done.
  5. So I haven't played the season mode in years as I am content breaking this out with friends before pay per views as a pre-party event. This CAW was so good, I figured I'd customize it a bit by giving Greg a robe as well as his iconic yellow boots and tights: Afterwards I created an entrance and moveset for him. Then on a whim, I decided to check out the CAW in season mode. My goodness, what a treat I was in for! I put Greg on Raw and started with the Uneasy Allies Storyline where in my debut I got an upset win over Triple H and then got double teamed post-match by Triple H and Ric Flair. I made Ric Flair submit in a battle of the figure four leg locks. I tag-teamed with Shelton Benjamin against Triple H and Flair, and then teamed with Triple H defending Raw's honor against Cena and Big Show from Smackdown. Being the heel I am, I turned on Benjamin and got to fight in a cage match against him for the Intercontinental Title reminiscent of Greg's match against Tito Santana for the title. Afterwards Greg got to show off his tag-team chops by teaming with Eugene and eventually going full heel on him for no-showing a match. I have to tell you, this CAW made me appreciate season mode again and realize how much I love Greg Valentine. The only thing that makes me sad is that I am limited on layers as I am unable to do an "I Broke Cena's Leg" shirt. But all in all, this was a CAW I had fun with. Can't wait to use him in GM Mode. For those of you who have never played GM Mode with 30 of the wrestlers being CAW's, it is a treat. You can actually hear the game's AI going bonkers trying to win.
  6. Great job as usual. Especially with Moxley as he actually appears to have the grimace on his face that he normally does.
  7. My hats off to you. Within the limitations of this game, you did a tremendous job with Pedro. Please do not ever stop making CAW's for this game. We all owe you a debt of gratitude.
  8. Wow! The first one with the short hair is literally perfect. I mean, its the Bad Man from Borger! I can't wait to create him. Thank you one million times.
  9. Honestly, I cannot thank you enough for the attempt on Pedro Morales and Stan Hansen.
  10. Is there any way you would entertain a request? Adrian Adonis, Pedro Morales, Don Muraco, Stan Hansen, and Stan Stasiak are all old school guys I've tried forever to create but never been able to get right. If you could attempt one of them I would be grateful as they are all holy grails for my memory card.
  11. Really great to see all these blasts from the past. Baba is not a CAW I see often for any game.
  12. By the way, if you have an Adrian Adonis, Pedro Morales, or Don Muraco...please share. Those are three wrestlers that no matter what DLC WWE produces will never get the video game treatment. Thank goodness for CAWS!
  13. OMG! This is awesome, thank you so much for the formula. I have literally wanted him on my memory card for years and could never pull it off. I am seriously creating him tonight and giving him a t-shirt for walking around backstage that says "I BROKE CENA'S LEG."
  14. So I have to ask a favor: Can you post a few images of Greg Valentine. He is one of the characters that I've literally tried to make a few dozen times and was never able to do so with any satisfaction. If he is half as good as your Roman Reigns, I may have to ask for a formula.
  15. Really great job. I mean it. Farooq and Salvatore Sincere really look like themselves. I did have a bit of a weird question/request for you: With Executioner, would you be able to post a picture of him without the mask? I've been dying for a good Terry Gordy CAW and I'm hoping that under the mask he actually looks like him. The body/posture look perfect.
  16. Any way you could give us an idea of what the next CAW group is going to be?
  17. Nice job. It actually looks like the Tribal Chief.
  18. You do! In fact, I am patiently waiting for the day when you go full on old school with early-80's WWF. Greg Valentine, Don Muraco, Pedro Morales, Adrian Adonis have always been holy grails for me as CAW's. They just seemingly defy the limitations of the game. In any event, keep up the great work.
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