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  1. I would disagree because in your next paragraph you pretty much sum up my view: Sting would be one of the wins. He would beat the man that beat Kenny. Because I think it would be an effective plot device to further their feud. Not sure what you are talking about here.
  2. The 61 year old guy thinks he can wrestle and so does his employer. With that said, they would be discussing is the time he would be working. I am unsure why you are bringing up the pandemic, as you are opposed to the idea regardless of the pandemic. The fact that others may agree with you or me is netiher here nor there. You are more than entitled to you opinion either way. It is called a plot device. If used effectively it can add to the story.
  3. So one 18 to 20 minute match makes more sense to you than breaking up that same time? My point of view is that it is 18 to 20 minutes of work. If it is broken up for the sake of storyline, that doesn't make it any different. I was quoting what the parties were indicating was a possibility and attempting to break it up in order to get the most out of the situation. However, it seems it is you that is focusing on the words, "one match." Isn't that just really a matter of opinion? Seriously, if they booked that would you at that point just stop watching the show? For the record, you are the one that used the term "feud." I prefer to have him as a plot device in the over-arching feud between Omega and Page, and not for Sting himself to have a feud. All the parties believe it is on the table and it seems like one match has been negotiated. If AEW and Sting want the match to occur, they are in a better position to dictate whether it should or should not happen than you. I as a fan would like to see it happen. I you would not, more power to you, however, you are not the be all end all of wrestling storylines nor the arbiter of what constitutes a "respectable, professional company;" whatever you subjectivly think that means.
  4. Perhaps someone should tell either AEW about that as their plans are for Sting to wrestle one more match: https://www.wrestlinginc.com/news/2020/12/sting-reportedly-wrestling-for-aew-677789/ In fact, perhaps someone should tell Sting about that as he apparently (at least in June of last year) feels he has one more match left in him as well: https://www.themix.net/2020/07/sting-hopeful-for-one-more-match-ec3-releases-aew-tease/ So I really don't think this is as cut and dry as you think it is. This point is really an issue of personal taste. But I think creatively AEW has a better chance of bringing it to fruition than WWE. Both could occur on the same night in a match where he wins the title from Omega or Page, then defends it immediately after winning it and loses the title to either Omega or Page. Technically it would be two matches lasting a total of maybe 18 or 20 minutes. Or it could be a 3 Way Dance for the title. The point is there are ways it could be done and at least the parties involved seem to be open to the concept.
  5. I disagree that no one would buy Sting as a champion. I also disagree that it would be "creatively weird." I see it more as using Sting as a plot device in the overarching Omega vs Page feud. Your issue appears to be with his inability to perform. If that was not an issue would that still be your position? As far as his current in ring abilities, if your assessment of his health is correct, I would agree and I could understand your point of view. If he does have one more match in him as he has said, then I see no reason why the storyline can't be done.
  6. I'm not saying that you are insulting them, but I am disagreeing with your premise. Brian Cage, Eddie Kingston, PAC, and to the same extent Lance Archer (since you brought him up) are all on the same level as Kenny Omega, Jon Moxley, and Chris Jericho. There is nothing that the latter can do in the ring that the former cannot. The fact that the latter are showcased on the program is neither here nor there, because the fact is that anyone of them could step into the spot of Kenny Omega, Jon Moxley, and Chris Jericho (if they were injured) and make it work. It feels like you are equating a wrestler's effectiveness or ability with the buzz they have or their position on the card. My point is any of them would be right at home on top and all would provide Kenny Omega with an interesting match and could work as a champion. I don't see him wrestling much at all either. However, I'm not as sure that it would be a "major booking mistake" if the storyline was handled well. This is really a matter of person taste, but if it would happen, the way to get the most from it would probably to have a situation where Sting beats Omega and then Hangman beats Sting. Then you can have the confrontation between Omega and Hangman with Hangman as the defending champion. I think this is illustrative of the disconnect between us on this topic. You are trying to apply a logic to your argument based on storyline when the question is really just one of preference and creativity. For me, Hangman being the guy that retires Sting from in ring competition puts Kenny in an interesting position from a storyline perspective both as a challenger and a guy who lost a fantasy match against an icon. And his spiritual nemisis then beat him for the title. You still get the Kenny Omega vs Hangman Page match just with an interesting additional layer.
  7. Sorry for the double post, but I ended up giving him the Last Ride as a finisher as it checks all the necessary boxes for me.
  8. I have a Scott Norton CAW which I love and I am in the middle of creating a moveset and for the life of me I cannot find a decent finisher for him. One finisher I have is Powerbomb 13, but that one while appearing devestating only has a 10 on head. This is an issue because most of the moves I have for Scott affect the body. Is there another more devastating finisher that would not be out of place for Scott but is still a powerful finisher that affects the body that someone could suggest?
  9. Not sure I agree with you. Even if someone else beats Kenny and ends up being a transitional champion so Hangman Page can win the title off of them, AEW could still have Page vs Omega with Page as the champion and Kenny being the unbeatable heel. Cage and Kingston are bona fide main eventers. You may prefer Kenny to them, but that does not mean that they could not put on an amazing match with him or be a credible champion. As far as PAC, he is one of the best wrestlers in the world and his promo skills would compliment Omega's. With respect to Sting, I'd like Sting to beat Kenny for the title and then Hangman to beat Sting. It would put Hangman over like a million bucks and he could then go against Kenny in a showdown. But that's just my opinion. That's one of the things I like about AEW, there are so many possibilities.
  10. I personally think that Kenny's title reign has a lot of mileage left in it, however, that doesn't stop us from speculating on who should be the next champ. For this exercise, we should assume that the title is going to someone who has not held it before, so Chris Jericho and Jon Moxley should be considered ineligible. Here are my top 5 options: 1) Adam Page: This one really writes itself as they have unfinished business. There is no doubt in my mind that he will eventually win, the only issue is when. 2) Brian Cage: I think this would be a nice contrast in styles, and the prospect of seeing Brian Cage holding both the FTW and AEW titles would be a sight to behold. Plus, it would give Taz some nice fodder for promos with managing the AEW champion. 3) Eddie Kingston: Kingston may be the best promo in wrestling right now and with the AEW title draped over his shoulder he could be sort of an anti-Rock type character. 4) PAC: Literally one of the best overall wrestlers in the world. Even a short run with the title would be memorable. 5) Sting: If there is anyone on Earth that can make a 61 year old Sting look like a million bucks its Kenny Omega. Lets assume Sting has one last match left in him, making him a transitional World Champion and then having lose the title immediatly after winning it and not even get to put the title around his waist would draw instant heat to whoever beat him. How about you folks. Who do you think should be the person to eventually dethrone Kenny Omega?
  11. OMG! A Bobby Eaton and Arn Anderson CAW for this game?! Those are two guys who I have been dying to have decent CAW's for. Is there any chance I could get you to post pics of those two?
  12. OMG...Thank you so much! He is going to be created tonight to fight Undertaker in a Hell in a Cell match, followed by a Casket match.
  13. First off, I have tried many times to create a Bam Bam Bigelow but it has never turned out right. Yours is amazing! Could you possibly post the formula for the Bam Bam CAW with the red elbow pad? Also, Greg Valentine was still with the company in 1993. He is one wrestler whose face I have NEVER been able to get right. If you can could I possibly get you to make a CAW of him? I'm dying to have Valentine run through the roster with Jimmy Hart as his manager.
  14. Great Nakamura Caw! I would be really greatful if you could post the entrance that you used for him. I tried and I tried, but I can't find one that seems to even remotely look good.
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