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  1. Swear when I read these earler today I said exactly this lmao! I was weak just thinking about it hahahaha I've been saying forever that Taker is the OG for real that man is lowkey nuts and I mean that in the best of ways
  2. Numerous reports have surfaced today that Eva Marie is said to be hosting this year's WWE HOF ceremony over Jerry Lawler. If true how well do you expect this to go? Why do you think they chose Eva over other's such as Eden, Renee, hell even JoJo? Your thoughts?
  3. If ever, when do you think it would be a good time to bring back the Shield? How would you book it? If I were to book it I would bring them back roughly in a five year time span after each one of them have RIGHTFULLY earned a successful WWE WHC title run/or runs. Furthermore, I would have the situation be the Authority turns on Seth because he just had colossal screw ups all the time and they decided to dispose of him. Obviously this is months of build up leading up to an explosive segment which would feature a huge beat down of Seth. This would cause a short pan to the backstage area where Roman and Dean are watching on the monitor deciding whether they should go help Seth from The Authority. *big pause* then you hear S.ierra H.otel I.ndia E.cho L.ima D.elta SHIELD and Roman and Dean emerge from the audience and attack the Authority. Aftermath, this causes a staredown and for Seth to be appreciative yet weary that they're gonna attack him next. Lastly, Dean and Roman just leave Seth in the ring and they head to the back. Eventually, possibly on a Raw Roman and Dean explain why they decided to help Seth even after all that he did to them. Basically they say that he's still their brother and despite everything the only people allowed to mess with Seth are them and if anybody else tries it they're going to have to deal with them. Now I know that bringing back The Shield full time could be going backwards for all three of them but they don't have to be together all the time. I think just knowing that we as fans could get some more special moments in the record books and just seeing them together would be fun to have.
  4. I think Brock is gonna win but Rollins is gonna cash in then Roman will start a feud with Seth since it's obvious that Brock ain't coming back after Wrestlemania. I voted for Roman though!
  5. I'd love to see this hell it would give Ambrose something to do that I don't think WWE could screw up but then again when it comes to Ambrose they managed to mess him up left and right
  6. I think this is gonna be a really good match and I'm hoping that Ambrose walks out as champ because WWE just playing around with him he needs this win tbh despite already being over with fans because I don't want to see fans lose interest in him because he loses match after match. It's not that hard for them to just give him this one freaking match!
  7. random off the wall return - Bo Dallas (if he doesn't show up before then) legitimate answer - Neville or Charlotte
  8. Although one can make a good argument for The Rock being the FACE of Smackdown it definitely became Undertaker's show overtime
  9. It's always something with him. Every time I give him an inch with my patience he takes it and runs a mile with it. Even if he leaves after Mania give him 2-4 more years and he'll be crawling back again and WWE will be bending over backwards to meet his asinine demands. He either needs to stick to UFC or WWE pick one all this bouncing back between the two is tiresome for real.
  10. Rollins IG page "OMG rollinssssss please can we f**k lol" "Seth is a s**t of fighter. He never fights alone. He always needs Kane to defense." "Sellout I hate u b***h" "why don't you marry all your boyfriends like Kane and Big Show because you are so gay" "John cena and seth hook up on weekends and nikki is in the middle" "your a sold out and I use to like u but your a fake sold out" "tell the same thing the mall cops that is so called j&j no their mall cops they need to go back to being mall cops" (this was from the same person) "Rollins do us all a favour and f**k off" "I'm 14 and I know wwe is fake...most their writers come from a college named full sail...did you know that?" "You wanna play rough" "your hair is so ugly" "U suck I bet u cant fight" "Because u bringing your security guards and there lame!!!" (these were from the same person) Renee Young IG page "Summer you are more beautiful than renee but be honest both of you are so ugly" "Ugliest diva ever..Summer rae" "I hate you summer Rae because you are take everyone's husband in wwe" "Oh d*mn Both of you are so ugly like..." (talking about Renee and Lana) "You're beautiful and by now I just keep commenting hoping you will recognize me *insert heart eye emojis* "Renee go for a traditional marriage. You are beautiful. Get Honoured lady. To me is a pain disrespect to you. Your modesty is even more beautiful" "ARE YOU DATING DEAN" "have you ever dated someone in wwe?WHO?" "I think Renee and Dolph look cute together. Just saying" " she's dating dean" "You look better with Dean Ambrose" "You and Dean Ambrose will make a cute couple lol"
  11. Great in ring performer. But mediocre in every other category. Ziggler is a better version of the 1-2-3 kid. Top of that not much Potential anymore. It's hard to find a place for Ziggler to flourish especially as a baby face. I Bo-lieve his best impact would have been through a heel ghimmick simular to Ted Dibease or a combo "Ravishing" Rick Rude. Primarily a "Christian Gray" type Ghimmick lol. WWE missed a little pay window here." Can't believe I strolled through some YouTube comments just to reply to this topic lol
  12. When I first heard about this I was a little apprehensive because I felt that it wouldn't further the storyline much if he doesn't respond to Wyatt until Wrestlemania. However, after mulling over it for awhile I have grown to accept the idea because it really does leave us in suspense as to how he'll show up. I have seen many comments that quite a few people want to see him as the American Badass and I think that's a great idea. I guess we'll just have to wait and see. Despite not having Taker on the show I do think WWE should have him playing a few mindgames of his own instead of having fans hearing Wyatt ramble for the next month.
  13. I think one factor that makes him lookolder especially in the eyes is that he's been wearing eyeliner for so many years and that stuff will make you look a bit older sometimes when you take it off plus he isn't dying his hair (what little of it that he has) when he's not in the ring. Another factor is his body has gone through so much over the years and he never really was one to get them fixed right when he got them. After awhile you realized that when he would go on a hiatus he was giving his body a break but that doesn't help much when you have years of injuries to take care of in like six months. Regardless though I do agree that when WM season rolls around the man always looks like the OG that we grew to love and respect.
  14. Looks: A+ -Obviously looks is the one thing you can't deny this man. We all know how Vince loves the big guys but that doesn't mean Roman doesn't deserve the spot that has been designated to him. It's not his fault he looks the way he does so considering that many fans don't want him in the top spot that's going to make him work 10x harder to show that he has earned the spot. WWE may have "given" him the spot and I use that term loosely BUT Roman is going to EARN the right to keep it. In-ring ability: B+/C -He isn't as terrible as everybody makes him out to be. I'm also willing to bet that many of his haters refuse to give him some credit and admit that he has definitely grown since he first started. Each and every week he's getting better and better. You can't say that in every single match he's in that somebody is carrying him or making him look strong. Granted he hasn't been wrestling as long as many others but for somebody who hasn't been doing this very long he could be much much worse. Charisma/Mic Skills: B+ -This would be an A if Vince and those corny writers would stop writing his stuff. Some people can take a script read it and deliver it like it's their own. However, Roman isn't one of those people; well at least not right now. The man has charisma outside the ring so if WWE just lets him be himself I think he would be doing much better. Just because he's related to The Rock you can't expect him to deliver promos like him and I think that's what some people want when they see Roman cutting a promo. It's been seen that he can do some decent promos; for example the Raw after the Rumble and the one with Heyman and Daniel Bryan, Roman held his own and I as a fan of his was quite worried that Heyman would eat him alive.
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