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    Undertaker & Jeff Hardy
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    Alternative: 3 Days Grace Evanescence 3 Doors Down Nickelback
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    Criminal Minds & Vampire Diaries
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    mostly just chillin..watching television and old WWF/WWE videos on YouTube...tweeting and listening to music
  1. Rollins IG page "OMG rollinssssss please can we f**k lol" "Seth is a s**t of fighter. He never fights alone. He always needs Kane to defense." "Sellout I hate u b***h" "why don't you marry all your boyfriends like Kane and Big Show because you are so gay" "John cena and seth hook up on weekends and nikki is in the middle" "your a sold out and I use to like u but your a fake sold out" "tell the same thing the mall cops that is so called j&j no their mall cops they need to go back to being mall cops" (this was from the same person) "Rollins do us all a favour and f**k off" "I'm 14 and I know wwe is fake...most their writers come from a college named full sail...did you know that?" "You wanna play rough" "your hair is so ugly" "U suck I bet u cant fight" "Because u bringing your security guards and there lame!!!" (these were from the same person) Renee Young IG page "Summer you are more beautiful than renee but be honest both of you are so ugly" "Ugliest diva ever..Summer rae" "I hate you summer Rae because you are take everyone's husband in wwe" "Oh d*mn Both of you are so ugly like..." (talking about Renee and Lana) "You're beautiful and by now I just keep commenting hoping you will recognize me *insert heart eye emojis* "Renee go for a traditional marriage. You are beautiful. Get Honoured lady. To me is a pain disrespect to you. Your modesty is even more beautiful" "ARE YOU DATING DEAN" "have you ever dated someone in wwe?WHO?" "I think Renee and Dolph look cute together. Just saying" " she's dating dean" "You look better with Dean Ambrose" "You and Dean Ambrose will make a cute couple lol"
  2. Great in ring performer. But mediocre in every other category. Ziggler is a better version of the 1-2-3 kid. Top of that not much Potential anymore. It's hard to find a place for Ziggler to flourish especially as a baby face. I Bo-lieve his best impact would have been through a heel ghimmick simular to Ted Dibease or a combo "Ravishing" Rick Rude. Primarily a "Christian Gray" type Ghimmick lol. WWE missed a little pay window here." Can't believe I strolled through some YouTube comments just to reply to this topic lol
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