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  1. Usually the good CAWs are accurate when it comes to everything so my suggestion is to just keep looking.
  2. After obtaining over 2,000 stars I have to say this mode is stale. They took away exporting (making it pointless unless you wanna do 1v1s forever) I thought theyd have more than this.
  3. Damn looks like I’ll have to wait for my favorite caws and arenas to be reuploaded. Do you know if it was a update that did this? I usually never have issues which is why I’m bummed about it. Xbox One X over here. What date is a safe date to go by? I hate the limitation when it comes to how much you can download in a day. Voodoo has awesome arenas but it looks like all of his are broken and need reuploaded.
  4. Seriously wassup wit dat!? I deleted all my downloaded content just to wait a day and try downloading again and still no logos are showing up...is this to do with my save or? I would make a new one if I didnt grind RTG so hard. Need suggestions. I tried going into creations and saving but the logos arent even there. This game is flopping because I havent had these kinda issues since 14.
  5. It's more of a on going thing. It's not just for 2K17 guys. It's for any WWE Game in the present or future. I know it's silly to post about it now, but I don't mind carrying everything over each year. I'm just wanting to enjoy the game online with everyone involved. I appreciate everyone's opinions though, I can't knock anyone for having a different view on things. Yeah, I miss my PS4. Plus they got some amazing created content on there! Not sure why it would be closed unless it was posted in the wrong forum? It's not like I'm some 12 year old looking to ruin the online community. It's all in good fun.
  6. Universal Championship Wrestling Where you can put away the bats, the spam moves, the unrealistic caws that you all know and hate. I've came up with the idea of being able to fight for any belt you want whether it's from NJPW, WWE, ROH, etc. I'm looking to expand this as much as I can so we can have a full in-depth roster. We want unique caws that resemble yourself. Overall limit is 96 because that's the default highest in the game. I have a elgato and plan to make YouTube videos in the future so we can cut promos, and show off the promotion. All I ask is, don't be a jerk unless you're heeling it up. This is on Xbox One atm until I'm able to get a PS4, and a decent PC. I don't mind having someone run it on other platforms as well. Need all the help I can get. My Gamertag is OH MY GODSEY so go ahead and add me or message me and I'll get to you. Would like to add that I'm not sure if this is the right forum so please don't hurt me mods. <3 Join our discord: https://discord.gg/UPaD8Q
  7. RAW has been on point so far.
  8. I switched back to Xbox and I have barely any friends to play with on 2K15. It would be nice to play with the caw.ws community. Post or PM me your gamertag.
  9. Sweet! I'm loving all your attires.
  10. Could I request a Harley Quinn avatar and signature? That would be great!
  11. I'm back! Thanks for the help mate!
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