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  1. I pop on here for the first time in a million years and this thread is here. Must be some kinda calling. I don't go on here anymore cause it's kinda dead and boring. Tom Rice not giving a *Censored* about the site anymore and barely any updates probably killed this place, along with Community Creations becoming a thing. Also I'm like nearly 23 and have real life things to deal with. Man, how I miss simpler times as a teen. There's way too much to quote in this thread but I will talk about some things that were mentioned: CrossRhodes: I have him on Twitter, I rarely talk to him but he can be okay-ish. Though the shit he does on Twitter is pretty embarrassing. He's part of that group of women's wrestling superfans who trash fans of female wrestlers they don't like. So... yeah... Dazman: LOL this dude was out of his mind. The Kaitlyn obsession, the hating Dean Ambrose obsession, the catfishing, his infamous breakdown. doG: This guy was such an edgelord. I remember everyone going on about how "deep" his discussions were. Talking about how you wanna *Censored* kids ain't deep, it's gross. Is it true he was really that weird Teryo Law guy who made equally "edgy" CAW stories? Soap: lol. I was friends with him back in 2013 and at the time I was going through a shitty period of depression. After the whole thing was revealed, another friend told me that he would talk shit about me being "emo". When he's the loser making up some American movie high school fantasy to people online. Create A Tractor Mode: Forever a classic.
  2. Needs more generic rock, amirite. Also the word pretentious really does not apply here whatsoever. Like, you just don't know what the word means. Oh, I don't like somebody's opinion of the game. Better look at their profile to see what they like so I can insult it. This game is looking like it's trying way too hard to be deep or confusing, which Kojima has done a few times when it's come to the Metal Gear series. I love Metal Gear, but there's so much pet peeves. After the disappointment that is MGS V and it's awesome looking trailers, I'm not that excited about this. Could at least show some gameplay.
  3. Weird to think that the last 3D Universe era GTA game (Vice City Stories) came out ten years ago. I'm dreading the day that awful early 2000s fashion becomes a trend again. "Futuristic" clothes, frosted tips/chunky highlights, sweatsuits. For the love of god, don't come back. Remember when Avril Lavigne was punk rawk and she hated the preps?
  4. Happy birthday fam Thanks! Well i have a beard but i love both Alexa and Becky. I don't mind Alexa and I have no problem with her fans besides the creepy and annoying ratchet types. Hell, I think the latter can be said about the majority of women in the WWE.
  5. I'm pissed that Becky lost the title to Alexa. 1. Cause it's my birthday and 2. Another board I go on has an army of neckbeard Alexa fans. 3. Also those other cancerous fans that go YASSS SLAY QUEEN MOM. Ugh. Also, I hope Ambrose whoops Ellsworth's ass on Smackdown.
  6. Could this game look anymore pretentious?
  7. Because you have the personality of one Better that than the personality of a neckbeard.
  8. Why do I look like a *censored*ing statue?
  9. Shane and Bryan should be drafted to the unemployment line for those terrible picks.
  10. So my country has terrible dental care, it's expensive as *Censored*. My teeth have been causing me tons of pain in the last few months (wisdom teeth are the devil) but I finally contacted a public dental place. They had a last minute cancellation and I'm booked for tomorrow! Usually the waiting list is years long.
  11. The Aussie election was yesterday and we won't be getting the results until Tuesday which is odd. Talk of the election here has went on since about May. I just have a question for the Americans here. Why the *Censored* do your elections go on for so long? This has been happening for nearly over a year.
  12. I'd suggest folks from the UK and also the US to come to Aussieland but our election is next month and if the Liberal party wins again, we're also *censored*ed. So if that happens, we all go to Canada. But if Canada gets screwed too, we make our own country.
  13. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1ytCEuuW2_A
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