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    Dean Ambrose/Bayley
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    Avenged Sevenfold Halestorm Papa Roach Sick Puppies Three Days Grace Lady Gaga Adelitas Way Killswitch Engage Breaking Benjamin Zebrahead Skillet A Day To Remember Red Hot Chili Peppers 30 Seconds To Mars Escape The Fate Bullet For My Valentine In This Moment LIGHTS Pat Benatar
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    Being lazy
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    WWE, Lucha Underground, NJPW
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    Pizza, pasta burgers, chips, cheesecake.
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    Friends, Community, The Simpsons, Parks and Rec, Mr. Robot, Archer.
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    Melbourne, Australia
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    Video games
  1. Because you have the personality of one Better that than the personality of a neckbeard.
  2. Why do I look like a *censored*ing statue?
  3. So my country has terrible dental care, it's expensive as *Censored*. My teeth have been causing me tons of pain in the last few months (wisdom teeth are the devil) but I finally contacted a public dental place. They had a last minute cancellation and I'm booked for tomorrow! Usually the waiting list is years long.
  4. Ewww Pizza Hut. Whenever I order pizza, it's always from a local place. Being Italian, I'm sure my family would disown me ordering from a chain store.
  5. Just another day at Flinders Street Station.
  6. Every time I see somebody write "QUEEEEEEEEEN" about a diva, I want to throw my PC out the window.
  7. Japanese guys meet a weeaboo. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d2FGgYp6mdk
  8. I've only played GTA IV probably twice. I rented it waaaay back in early 2009 and played it about a few months ago. The game is pretty bland looking, why is Liberty City so dull? I picked up GTA V on PC for my bf, seven goddamn discs. Holy shit.
  9. Taken a couple of months ago. Probably in December. Wearing my Paige shirt and Ambrose hoodie.
  10. So sick of the PC version getting delayed. I preordered it ages ago, was supposed to be a birthday present for my boyfriend... in February. =\
  11. A few weeks ago I got the Ace Attorney Trilogy on the Nintendo eShop and beat the first game. I beat the first case on the second game but haven't gotten back to it cause I'm lazy. At my boyfriend's place I've been playing Ace Combat: Squadron Leader and The Belkan War.
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