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  1. WWE want the Divas to wear these skimpy outfits and then have the nerve to get mad if a nipple slips out of one of them.
  2. Since it seems as if there are going to be mainly Golden Era legends, Would love to see Alundra Blayze, Aja Kong & Bull Nakano as Diva Legends DLC. But I highly doubt it will ever Happen. I rarely play as in game divas or only a select few, so if I were to get the game, those 3 I'd definitely play as. Until then, CAWS will be my best bet.
  3. A chipped tooth is not going to keep someone out of action
  4. Knowing TNA. They will most likely show up that night only. Just like the One Night only PPVs with the X Division & Knockouts.
  5. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xUYMbWncfk8&list=PLjeCKqllynqmyALtg0kyZe217CKFPQIsF&index=9
  6. I just play on Lengendary difficulty, with AI reversal Sliders up high. I can honestly see the same happening for 2k14.
  7. Canadian Ninjas (N.Matthews/Portia Perez) Fox Goddess (Athena /Alicia Fox) Global Green Gangsters (Kellie Skater/Tomoko Nakagawa) Rachel & Jessica's Excellent Tag Team (Rachel Summerlyn/Jessica James) Sarita & Rosita Regeneration X(Leva Bates/Allison Danger) Made in Sin (Allysin Kay/Taylor Made) Team Blondage (Amber O'neal/Krissy Vaine) Majoity of these are or were real teams.
  8. There are many great films that are straight to DVD. Many people always think of Sci Fi channel original movie when they hear it.
  9. Staight to DVD doesnt always suck. But when a franchise that has always had a theatrical realease gets the straight to dvd treatment, it's a bit iffy. I will watch it because I did like the Childs play series until Bride of Chucky. So it's nice to see a new film in the franchise.
  10. Naomi & and Kaitlyn look promising. Others could use some work.
  11. He's got a really catchy catchphrrase too.
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