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  1. Chris denker played it. He said on his youtube channel that its the same as year. He also said they removed create a championship from the game too.
  2. I'll be skipping 2k20. Im not interested in it at all. It will be my first time skipping a wwe game. I hope everyone who purchases it enjoys it.
  3. I have alot finished like 1991 honky tonk man in the icon blue elvis jumpsuit, 1994 doink, farooq debut and nod slot, 93/94 shawn michael slots,wcw ron simmons slot, ultimate maniacs, theres more i cant remember off top and like 20 classic arenas with details like funeral parlor, barber shop, brother love show created that ive recently decided im not gonna even upload any of those to CC due to my logos being stolen from some of my already uploads.i just discovered it and Its very disgusting and turns me off how these non creative non original punks steal even though they cant get alot downloads with their stolen creations. They ruined it for everyone and turn creators off. alot of my unreleased creations will probaly end up appearing on my son's youtube channel in matches etc to see. Thanks for the support everyone i appreciate it. Thank you I appreciate it.
  4. THANK YOU Thank you have that attire on One my hard drives it may be part of my Mannequin project. What show did they wear the attire? May be in my project. Yes movesets included Yeah ill upload it for you tommorrow. Thank you. Whats up everyone havent been on for a while. I have a new project im gonna do for 2019 for the game is called ATTIRE MANNEQUIN. im gonna start a 3rd profile just for it. Its gonna be where i make new exclusive random attires for legends and current wrestlers put them on a mannequin default body upload them to cc for everyone to import on their game. First batch will be previewed on here soon and uploaded to CC.
  5. youre welcome. soon ill be uploading several classic arenas i made. and filling the last 4 upload slots left on my alt account soon too.
  6. These look good bra. Youre the only one i seen who got the shawn crown jewel attire accurate. Wish there was a good bald head hbk on cc to import the attire too but every bald hbk on cc arent good at all bc the faces are burnt on the sides due to them stealing the same face logo from the person who uploaded bald hbk on the first night the game was released. Im on the verge of making one and importing your attire to it bc i know i can do better then the ones currently uploaded on cc.
  7. Officially done with legends now. 1st page update with ronda rousey. Uploaded her to cc sunday after the evolution ppv just havent had time to get on here.
  8. Yea I agree its definately better then last year and doesn't have the amount of game glitches it had last year.. The gameplay and feel of it is best it's been since 2k took over. My only gripe was they removed so many damn legends didnt include ciampa(but thanks to Rye he made that great ciampa) and i was mad they took out some parts in creation suite and took few classic championships away. I needed some of those championship parts for custom belts j wanted to make again. Other then that far as gameplay and presentation it's a great game..
  9. He was a cool dude I talked to him few times before when he made all of those great RVD attires in 2k17. He probably just lost interest in the series and grew from it there is nothing wrong with that. Apparently this year alot of creators from last year didn't return bc they dont like how the series headed or just got burned out. Maybe he will return when the game goes on sell if not his work in the other games Is respected and appreciated,.
  10. Thank you. Yes I'm tired of the same exact default attire that 2k gives rude and sting every year. Especially if smacktalk legend removal explanation is true that he said on YouTube then that means this is the last year for Rick Rude and 91 sting to be in the game. I'll upload a few more sting alt attires soon probably from between 92-95 era. I have so many ideas that it makes me want to create a third profile to upload from but i promised myself I would only have 2 profiles this year lol. Warrior isn't uploaded yet. I have a additional idea that I want to do with warrior since it's a cas. I'll have the warrior project previewed and uploaded soon. Other then that the only two previewed and not uploaded yet are greg valentine and beefcake. Actually beefcake was up for few days then I pulled it to replace with earthquake collab.im gonna revamp brutus with more attires also.
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