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  1. They're looking good so far. Obviously if you'd had a capture card it'd be easier to tell on some details (maybe ask someone to do so for you??) I'll download these later so I can have a better look at them though. Keep it up
  2. Downloaded the ones you have up so far. Haven't used yet as am still making my CAW Universe Shows and my own CAWs. Looking forward to using these
  3. Downloaded all of these earlier tonight. Haven't used them yet as I'm still working on making my own CAWs and a custom show for my Universe which will display all CAWs (might go 2 shows). Got an idea on what I'm going to do with Nebula. Brian and Bane. Still thinking on the other guys. Can't wait to use them though. Fantastic work!
  4. Sweet mother of all things ridiculously amazing!! Been thinking on if should have an all CAW Universe or a mix... I generally have two saves anyway but DAMN!!! These deserve their own fed! Will be downloading most (if not all) later this afternoon. Update: Downloaded all of the ones you have uploaded so far, bloody great works, have done a few matches with Blake Evans and Evan Slade. Loved using them, it's obvious that not only in their looks but the move sets, taunts, movement etc that you've put a good amount of thought into them. I've particularly enjoyed the artworks you've put onto each (Something that when I've tried to make CAWs have lacked in doing creatively) and so makes me want to take a bit more time on my own CAWs... So for that, thanks, as now I want to do the extra effort lol. Can't wait for any future CAWs you bring out!!
  5. It means if you believe it, you're a twit
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