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    Kenny King/Sara Del Rey
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    Hip Hop, Rock, Metal, Drum & Bass, House, Trance...pretty much anything the sounds good to my ears.
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  1. Any news on how your transfers are going, sarge?
  2. Can't say how much I love your work more. I'm definitely loving the change to Cleo.
  3. Going off of what XWF1000 said, I'll tell you what I don't like about Sean Trueth; the fact that he's absolutely abusing my roster. Simmed 4 matches with him, he won all of them convincingly. And of course I had to snatch up Prentice to pair with Finesse as NYC (New York Connection). I think I speak for most when I say big monthly updates from you work for us all. It's like a monthly DLC drop.
  4. Some things never change. You've gotta be some kind of pathetic to have to the designs of an original character. I can understand a real life wrestler, but an original? Pathetic isn't even strong enough a word to describe those kinds of people, sarge.
  5. Wow, Sarge. Another batch of boss-level creations. Plus we get Jarret Caesar this early on in the game? I don't normally pick faves, but he's easily my favorite of your new class.
  6. With your brother gone, I guess that makes you the defacto "OG" of the Playstation Original CAW creators. I'm glad you don't plan on going anywhere, sarge. You're an inspiration to a lot of us.
  7. Can't say any more then everyone else has said, Sarge, Top notch creations as expected from one of the greats.
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