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    Kenny King/Sara Del Rey
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    Hip Hop, Rock, Metal, Drum & Bass, House, Trance...pretty much anything the sounds good to my ears.
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    Arroz Con Pollo
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  1. The design work is always on point, but your physiques are what impress me the most.
  2. Any news on how your transfers are going, sarge?
  3. Can't say how much I love your work more. I'm definitely loving the change to Cleo.
  4. NandoSuave86

    KS Showcase 2019

    It really does suck how much of a letdown 2K20 is. But knowing that so many of the OGs are coming back to '19 makes me happy.
  5. Going off of what XWF1000 said, I'll tell you what I don't like about Sean Trueth; the fact that he's absolutely abusing my roster. Simmed 4 matches with him, he won all of them convincingly. And of course I had to snatch up Prentice to pair with Finesse as NYC (New York Connection). I think I speak for most when I say big monthly updates from you work for us all. It's like a monthly DLC drop.
  6. Some things never change. You've gotta be some kind of pathetic to have to the designs of an original character. I can understand a real life wrestler, but an original? Pathetic isn't even strong enough a word to describe those kinds of people, sarge.
  7. Wow, Sarge. Another batch of boss-level creations. Plus we get Jarret Caesar this early on in the game? I don't normally pick faves, but he's easily my favorite of your new class.
  8. With your brother gone, I guess that makes you the defacto "OG" of the Playstation Original CAW creators. I'm glad you don't plan on going anywhere, sarge. You're an inspiration to a lot of us.
  9. Those are a pair of mean looking hombres, Jacket, Scary, but in a good way.
  10. Can't say any more then everyone else has said, Sarge, Top notch creations as expected from one of the greats.
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