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  1. Sorry for the delay, been making custom arenas for Universe mode and I tried my hand at a James Ellsworth but it's not quite working out :') If anyone can help me track down logos for Rhyno's hips on his singlet, that would be amazing.
  2. Thanks! Yeah, I'll be sure to throw Bret up as a download for you! Wasn't really aiming for accuracy or anything, just Universe fodder. Seeing as the game still has so many bugs that were fixed in 2K16, I'm holding out hope that they can patch it in. Remember the issue with create an arena logos? That got fixed for us, so hopefully this is the same. Nope, the main reason I make CAWs is for my own Universe mode which is always current era roster (with some legends returning who could still physically go, i.e. HBK, Stone Cold, Kevin Nash). I might try my hand at making guys from the past but yeah, I'm almost always focused on keeping rosters up to date rather than delving into fantasy matches or the past.
  3. BUMP (17th Oct) - Updated with new Rhyno pics featuring stacked body parts for a more accurate morph. The likeness isn't as good in my eyes as the first pic posted (before my save got wiped) so I am continuing to fiddle with it. Don't really want to upload this without accurate tattoos at least, but who knows if that will get patched in...
  4. I turned it off at the start of 2015 because it was annoying me by uploading every save and pinging me with notifications. Never needed to use it, aside from doing a USB backup when I was switching hard drives. I'm still not putting it on auto BUT I am going to back it up to the cloud when I do something big/every night. Thanks for the compliment too Thank you!
  5. Big thanks Crow! Took the face from TNA Impact. It took a lot of morphing to get looking good, just struggling with the logo upload site now so it's still a waiting game until I can rebuild him.
  6. Hey guys! After some positive feedback last year I'm going to attempt to continue creating content for you guys. RHYNO (Work in progress) Facing some technical issues right now, for example not being able to place tattoos due to the body art stuck to upper arms and glitching onto thighs, but if that gets corrected in a patch I'll get them on there. Trying to get accurate singlet logos from his current run so consider the current attire a stand-in until I can get something better sorted. The first picture was taken before my save got corrupted, so I'm still tweaking the current build. Also I have no idea if anyone would be interested in these but I knocked together a couple of Manager attires for Mick. Shane, Bret and Shawn. If the logo glitch is found again this year, I will add a beard to Shawn like I did in WWE 2K16 (see below).
  7. Seriously can't wait for this Rob, gonna blow all the others out of the water.
  8. Bernard looks awesome! Really not feeling D-Von personally, but I've driven myself a bit mad staring at references recently.
  9. How do I get tattoos on Superstars this year? I want an updated Nash like I did last year...
  10. HOW do I get tattoos on Superstars? Really want to make an updated Nash like last year...
  11. BUMP - Dudley Boyz uploaded! Reuploaded with the logo Been neglecting WWE with Black Ops III, Star Wars Battlefront and Fallout 4 in rotation! In fact I've not started MyCareer, Showcase OR Universe which I've been dying to do, but I thought I'd do some CAWs first. I might re-upload with grey camo for Bubba and woodland camo for D-Von like they used this year but with them being a tag team, I just wanted them to match first. One of the reasons the Dudleys took so long to upload, I had to draw Bubba's tattoo and make a texture out of it!
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