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Auday Elyafe

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  1. Enjoy. Enjoy. Don't worry you got RaieE and Defract. I got 124 downloads so far that weird. Try restarting the game.
  2. Thanks! Kenny Omega tags: Gaming House, Auday, Kenny Omega
  3. I think I tried switching between most of the available bodies. I saw your Chris Hero caw a couple of minutes ago and I was about to ask you which body you used. I will give it another try, thanks.
  4. Thanks. If anyone has the Young Bucks attire refs from WK11 please post them here, already have Omega's WK11 attire done but can't find good refs for the Young Bucks attires. Kassius Ohno tags: Gaming House, Auday, Kassius Ohno, and Chris Hero Credit to Smk for the face texture. Will update when he changes his attire. His body was a bitch, sorry if he's not too fat. The choices were to either make him a sumo or make him as fat as I have him.
  5. Thanks lol. You're like my only supporter here. Bobby Roode
  6. Uploaded James Ellsworth tags: Gaming House, Auday, and James Ellsworth Jay Lethal Tags: Gaming House, Auday, and Jay Lethal
  7. Thanks guys. Hawkins is an early W.I.P. I am trying to figure out which hair/beard fits him most. Hopefully the finished product will look good.
  8. Thanks guys. Rhyno (open in new tab or click on the picture.)
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