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  1. I think one of the problems with Corbin is that he's clearly reciting his promos straight off a script, like others have said, he's actually quite decent on Talking Smack.
  2. If you don't mind me asking, what makes people want to see Corbin as a potential winner? Don't mean to sound rude or as if I'm belittling your opinions, it's just that I haven't been on forums in a good 6+ months and last time I checked in nearly everyone hated him so I'm just generally interested :') I'm so pumped for this rumble, looks like one of the most promising one in years. And since Reigns isn't going to be in the match at least the crowd aren't gonna shit on the match :') I'd personally love to see someone like Sami Zayn win and go on to win the Universal title at WM against Owens, I just feel like this underdog storyline has to be going somewhere. Luckily, I genuinely have no idea who could win which makes a nice change from the last 3 years. There's a lot of superstars that could realistically win, or even a shock superstar who could. Can't wait :')
  3. Edit: The original title was called "How would you book the biggest match in WWE history", but I feel like people misunderstood and assumed I was talking about a battle royal or something lmao. My bad. The Undertaker vs. John Cena - It seems inevitable that this'll happen at WrestleMania 33 in what could potentially be the Deadman's last match. Both wrestlers are capable of putting on an incredible and memorable match with each other. The only thing I wonder is, how is this match going to be booked? Both of them are mega faces, I personally don't see how they can clash (from a storyline point of view anyway). So, how would you guys book The Undertaker vs. John Cena at WrestleMania 33? I'm interested in your thoughts.
  4. E#37, I couldn't find a stock, but could you make me an avatar of Shinsuke Nakamura? The more recent the better, thanks in advance mate!
  5. I heard Shinsuke's wage is so high, they're only gonna keep on him on NXT for a couple of months before they bring him up to the main roster which I like the idea of. Also, something I only noticed watching Takeover again... Not sure if this means anything or not but thought I'd share it with y'all, I noticed when they were advertising some live events in June that they advertised 'Finn Bálor, Baron Corbin, Bayley, and many more', no mention of Joe... I thought for such a big name like Joe, they'd advertise him. So he could be going to the main roster by then? Not too sure.
  6. I wouldn't be able to watch another Daniel Bryan match without cringing at most moves, I'd feel like he could be one move away from being paralyzed or something... I hope this isn't true, for the benefit of his own health. Also, I hate it when people have big retirement segments only for them to come out of retirement .
  7. I was underwhelmed by Bálor vs. Joe, I know they couldn't help the match being stopped multiple times because of the blood, but I just felt like it was missing something. And I thought the ending of the match could've been better, I was personally rooting for Joe. Also I don't know about everyone else, but I was still so hyped from Zayn vs. Nakamura, so I wasn't as invested in the main event. I think it just made sense for Joe to win the title, that opens him up to future feuds with Crews, Nakamura, Aries, etc (possibly Roode, if he signs with NXT and is a face), whilst Bálor could've gone to the main roster with Anderson and Gallows. I guess the only positive to take away from Joe losing, is that he'll most probably be called up to the main roster (hopefully).
  8. Damn... No *censored*ing way WrestleMania is topping that (from an in-ring perspective). Now I've been a wrestling fan for years, but the Nakamura/Zayn match is one of the greatest I've watched in my life. I've heard about Nakamura, but this was the first match of his that I've seen, and boy was I impressed. Super excited to see more from him in the next few weeks.
  9. Of course WrestleMania will be great... But the card for Takeover is absolutely incredible. Since signing up to the WWE Network I've been watching loads of NXT, and this will truly be a great event to watch. Hopefully it's a good crowd, the regular NXT crowd have been shit recently so it'll be nice to hear an active NXT crowd.
  10. delete

    Heel or Face?

    They should've done that with Roman Reigns.
  11. delete


    The Earth-2 episode was one of the best episodes of the entire Flash series, cannot wait until next episode.
  12. Wasn't it that Vince and Shawn and a few certain others planned the finish in like the week before the actual event, but Bret had absolutely no idea and thought he was winning? At least that's what I've read/believed :/ I've never really known either
  13. I can just imagine it man: Face John Cena - gets booed Heel John Cena - gets cheered :/
  14. Think it's silly when people say they want Bryan to retire as a professional wrestler, no disrespect, but Daniel Bryan loves wrestling and he's made his choice to put his body on the line for his passion. Since THREE outside doctors have cleared him, I'm hoping the WWE ones do so he can finally return.
  15. Haven't watched LoT yet but definitely agree with that (From the one Flash episode he was in), was gutted when they killed off Ronnie Raymond.
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