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  1. Indeed, criminally underrated are "The Super Smash Brothers", I miss them in PWG
  2. http://www.wrestlinginc.com/wi/news/2018/0419/639116/update-on-locker-room-fight-before-roh-steel-city-excellence/ Its a work brotha
  3. I thought it was quite a nice homage to her given she was on the 4th ever ROH show 16 years ago. I'd rather that than Kelly Klein being the "Brock Lesnar" of women in ROH. Honestly though I don't think, sadly WOH, or womens wrestling in ROH will ever take off they still seem to think of it as an afterthought, midcard filler. Theres other indie promotions that are way ahead in booking women as prominent and legimate contenders to the men on a card than ROH. This is coming from me and I used to quite like them using Lacey, Mschif, Daizee Haze and Sarah Del Ray back in the day. Awesome Kong was originally meant to be in AOTF in the place Necro Butcher took....I don't know where I'm going with this, other than ROH never seem to want to quite pull the trigger on the womens side, the only women on the roster who appears to be booked in a "meaningful" storyline is Brandi Rhodes (by proxy of Cody)
  4. This is purely speculative but it would appear Adam Page maybe splitting from Bullet Culb also. I say this, I'm not sure what attire he wore last night, as "main event gear" have previewed his latest attire they have made for him and it distinctly lacks any reference to Bullet Club, as in logos or fonts: https://www.instagram.com/p/BgypsUVAhug/ They've done things like this before I recall them posting matching Alex Shelley and Chris Sabin attires before they reformed MCMG (not like anyone didn't see that coming a mile off mind)
  5. Sal Rinauro is part of "Future of Honor" despite being a former tag team champion, and regular in 2005/2006 and again in 2009/2010? WTF?
  6. Does anyone have a good link/Photo of the entrance t-shirt the Golden Lovers wore?
  7. Whenever I see him on interviews or podcasts, on particular the "meaning of mature" podcast he did a few times with Ethan Page and Josh Alexander, he just sounds like typical testosterone filled jock. All he really ever talked about is how much he lifted and his sexual conquests. He just seems like a douchebag. I've seen enough screenshots of his texts and messages on twitter when the whole situation came to light to suggest he did try and cover things up and was unfaithful to his wife with one of his students, and bullied said student into keeping quiet both about him being unfaithful and what was allegedly done to her by others
  8. Suprising they resigned him given the black mark against his name in the US at the moment, he's lucky to still have an career really
  9. I think the Bucks will join Kenny and split from the Bullet Club, if anything the Elite sells merch, along with the Bullet Club, seems the best way to keep both factions together but now apart.
  10. Thought Mandy Leon might get a contract, not necesarily convinced its all on her wrestling ability
  11. Plus factions in NJPW are slightly different than WWE theyre not always storyline driven or at "war" with each other. Wrestlers can be loosley affiliated to a stable in NJPW and can often wrestle stablemates in the name of competition, for example, its common from Okadas matches to have no real affiliation to the fact he is in Chaos, same when Nakamura was a member of Chaos. Its not like they come to the ring to interfere or accompany stablemates in matches. I think this is were maybe Bullet Club do differ and why were having this discussion, they act like a western stable and do accompany and interfere and it is storyline driven, I think this where it could change slightly, maybe lay off the western shenanigans but still have them affilaliated under a Bullet Club banner. Then maybe if needed in ROH use shenanigans if that is what is needed. To me personally they might need a little freshening up, interested to see where the Kenny/Cody dissent goes, but I dont feel they are by any means done or heading the way of nWo or DX just yet
  12. Is it not becuase of how big Bullet Club are and Jay turning them down that has illicited this reaction - he's the first as such to do it in NJPW, if Bullet Club weren't "big" or "meaningless" at this stage then there would have been little to no reaction to him turning on Kenny, or the reaction when Kenny stopped the beat down on Ibushi. It could be argued its the reaction becuase its Kenny, but his status in Bullet Club and the reaction in both situations still make them very very relevent. And of course it would affect Merch sales, you telling me nWo shirts sell aswell as now as they did in the late 90's, they still sell but no where near the same numbers, a faction/wrestlers quickly fades in wrestling when theyre no longer booked/in the lime light!
  13. I prefer the previous/current TV and Tag belts massively
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