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  1. AlexFaz89


    CM Punk is absolutely incredible, as are all your CAWS. Great work man. Thanks for your efforts
  2. Fantastic man. Thankyou for these. Downloading as soon as poss
  3. Cheers. Yeah I know but on the other attire the black goes almost see through on the leg so couldn't recreate unfortunately. Yeah, alexfaz should show me up.
  4. Hi yeah I will do. But annoyed though because after the first update they messed up the bandanas that worked perfectly well with the undertaker and now they dont fit properly on either 01 model or the short haired one. Bit frustrating
  5. amazing work! Can't wait to grab the other RVD attires. Especially the one with the grey with green RVD writing and blue dragon slot
  6. Hi, Here are some alternate attires i have done so far. Some are online but with the save data bug causing so much trouble, i am waiting for it to fix before carrying on with anymore. Undertaker American Bad Ass Era Undertaker Big Evil Era Undertaker 2005-2011 KANE Brock Lesnar Stone Cold Steve Austin
  7. oops sorry dude. Been away for awhile and got fed up of trying to upload and getting the "a network error has occurred" So frustrating. I will try again now for you
  8. Oops sorry. Server was being a pain so brock isn't uploaded just yet. Thanks for comments. Yeah in game model annoyed me as he was much more muscular and tanned during that era. Only downside is he doesn't have the proper winning animation. But his commentary name is kang. Which sounds like they are saying kane anyways
  9. Hi, Here are my attire edits so far. All online if you search my name alexfaz or WLF KANE Alternate attires Undertaker American Bad Ass Era Brock Lesnar
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