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  1. Jumping between Project Cars 2 & Mass Effect Andromeda
  2. Uncharted Lost Legacy Madden NFL 18 And daily doses of WWE 2k17 almost time to finish up 2k17 for good
  3. WWE 2k17 for PlayStation 4 with dashes of Uncharted 4 for Before Lost Legacy comes out
  4. I'd hate to think what his finisher was. You two owe me a coke. I just spit half my soda out scrolling past this thread...... My apologies TrueAssassin.
  5. I'd hate to think what his finisher was. You two owe me a coke. I just spit half my soda out scrolling past this thread......
  6. Currently working on my Assassins Creed Marathon in prep for Assassins Creed Origins. Im on syndicate right now and working my way backwards.
  7. Fired up oblivion on Xbox 1 via backwards compatibility man talk about throw back. I also installed The Witcher 2 on Xbox 1. Haven't started it yet but its there
  8. Just screwing around with WWE 2k17. I haven't played much of anything else lately guess i hit a gaming road block. I dont feel like playing much new releases or even from my backlog. I really should get back to Horizon Zero Dawn but meeh not feeling it.
  9. And enough Internet for me today Lmao
  10. In memory of the original thread after 6 years. I swar that had to be the oldest thread on here
  11. Time to get a PlayStation 4 and stop being lame
  12. HYPE GAME OF THE YEAR 2017..... Im pre-ordering screw WWE 2k18
  13. wtf. Nooooo What happened? He made the list and got IT!Tyler Black and John Moxley suffered the same fate.what? Tyler Black is in the WWE as Seth Rollins and Moxley as Dean Ambrose. How does Generico's death relate to them? My reaction to this last post.
  14. Today I learned theses 4 things about The Undertaker makes you think.
  15. Oh Burnout Paradise the memories i really do need to find me a copy of that game again just so i can hear this song again. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pfRF1pHjxqg -sings with the video then Crashes randomly-
  16. How has Yakuza 0 been treating you? I've always been a fan of that series, and I'll more than likely pick up a copy one of these days (damn my gaming backlog)... just wanted to hear someone's opinion on the game as of right now. Thanks! Its good so far. I am really enjoying it. I just started it though im only on chapter 2 or so.
  17. Currently jumping between my main 3 games of the month Resident Evil 7, Yakuza 0 and Gravity Rush 2. Im just waiting for Horzion Zero Dawn before i buy any more games.
  18. Sandow and Riley will both probably end up in GFW
  19. Yes hes overrated. Especially coming from TNA. The dude should have just stayed in NJPW.
  20. Damn wwe trimming the fat today yet they use overrated superstars like AJ Styles and John Cena. Oh well not 1 person cut today will be missed. Well maybe Orton (if hes really cut) , King Barrett and Sandow.
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